My Psychic Adversaries Over The Electromagnetic Spectrum Keep Suggesting That I Join A Gang or Worse A Terrorist Group To Get Back At The Oppressors That Targeted Me Because They Subscribe To The Idea Of Group Identity, Collectivism and Vengeance.

The suggestion I get from my psychic adversaries is that I should join a gang or a terrorist group to alert the authorities about the threat it poses to my individuality however the only thing there is that it’s a honeypot and a form of criminal entrapment because for starters sure I have been attacked physically, mentally and spiritually by different psychic adversaries from different social, ethnic and political backgrounds. That have a slightly different idea about how things should work based on there understanding of the world around them and whatever knowledge resides in there mind and the specific neurological and biological connections they have to whatever racial demographics there connected to. But these ideas seem to be coming from the same people who apparently hate terrorism and gangs but love to protect them from the authorities because they see them as “oppressed” but are actually the oppressors. Who oppress the psychic adversaries I hear from the electromagnetic spectrum and the ejection of there vocal vibrations into the rooms of my house. So all I can think is that maybe the drugs my psychic adversaries do make them so contradicted in there own thought processes that there level of rationality is at near record lows along with there IQ levels that all of there good ideas in there own head from my perception are really bad ideas and not worth pursuing. But there definitely worth criticizing because my psychic adversaries are apparently able to hear the content of everything I put on the internet from the electromagnetic spectrum with there open charkas and maybe even the voice to skull effect depending where they live so what happens is I do end up getting feedback from them eventually because of something called the boomerang effect. Where I throw my thoughts out there like a boomerang and eventually those thoughts come back to me like a boomerang which entails the concept of the feedback mechanism.

Being thirty five years old I have no generic interest in the kinds of things that people in there late teens to early twenties have which gangs and terrorism.

How Victim Blaming Helps The Perpetuators Of Crime and Terrorism But Not The Actual Victims Hence The Reason Why Western Societies Have Nothing But Problems With Domestic Radicalization

Feminism and Feminists Think White Men Are The Reason Why Western Societies Are On The Decline When It’s Feminism and Feminists That Are The Primary Reason For That Social Decline

I have found that the culture wars have played a pivotal role in keep the real threat of crime and terrorism at bay. Where as the left and far left cater to the drug dealers and gangs and terrorist groups. Activists on the left and far left act like human shields for those regressive collective hierarchies that leech off good in society and let the bad run amok. The thing I have found is that any targeted by a gang or terrorist group the blame goes on the individual and not the collective hierarchy that carried out the attack. Even the police like to use the victim blaming narrative just as the left and far left does where a person targeted by a collective hierarchy of regressive, tribal and radical individuals who most of time have nothing to do with that collective hierarchy of regressive, tribal and radical individuals will say that the person targeted by the group collective as an example will belittled by the police as the instigator of an attack on them. This axiomatic standard is part of the reason why most western countries have a serious problem with domestic radicalization it’s both a cultural, social and even a political problem where as political parties on the left and far left will throw themselves in front of these regressive, radical and tribal collective hierarchies because they figure they can use them to buy votes or be agents of that political parties social interests.

Because a lot of these regressive, tribal and radical collective hierarchies like to hunt individuals that are vulnerable, weak and feeble minded individuals just for sport because it caters to there sociopathic and psychopathic behaviors. But the interesting thing is that psychiatry a creature of the left and far left because of a philosophy called postmodernism likes to protect the deeper interests of regressive, tribal and radical collective hierarchies citing the fact that vulnerable, weak and feeble minded individuals need to be protected with psychiatric treatments even though what that does is it protects the regressive, tribal and radical collective hierarchies from independent analysis and intense criticism where I think that needs to be emphasized heavily because this is main reason why collective hierarchies like such are out of control and the individuals they target aren’t because at least there level headed and rational individuals with there heads screwed on straight that don’t engage in the cultures that they do.

I find it strange that the left and far left likes to cite themselves in a virtuous matter as the anti bullying types but then when it comes down to individual being bullied by a collective hierarchy of regressive, tribal and radical individuals they stand against the individual because the left and far left is pro collectivist by in large and this means that there epic virtual signaling doesn’t match there actions so clearly if the left and far left hates the bullying of the individual then maybe they should self analyze there thinking before they go and put there foot in there mouth’s just like they always do.

I Was Put In The Foster Care System For 13 Years Because My Mother Was Psychically Attacked By The Left and Far Left Which Includes The Gangs, Terrorist Groups and Islamic Community

My mother after she had me was routinely targeted by gangstalkers and community organized mobbers who saw my mother as a threat but me as well because they didn’t like the fact that I was an old soul and that scared the deep state back in the 1980’s. So clearly they had to come up with a reason to make it seem as if she wasn’t capable of looking after me so the particular groups of people using there psychic energies and ability to create human energy partitions attacked here body, mind and soul. Where I assume that they did lots of drugs to mess with her biological energies as they went in and out of her body repeatedly where the stress of those attacks broke her spirit and then she lost herself which then lead to me being shuffled into the foster care system. But I suspect as much that most people like me with old souls where pushed into the foster care system much in the same way because the forces of middle age souls and young souls where threatened by the presence of old souls on earth so they had devise a system to keep us down and that’s how they did it systematically so that it would prevent the second coming of Jesus because he is one of us too and he got stuck in the system as I did probably not for the same amount of time but something along those lines and that between the both of us we are both diagnosed with the Klinefelter’s syndrome because we where born with it and at the moment where both diagnosed as schizophrenics. Which says that the system and the deep state hates our presence on earth so clearly it’s a punishment for us being us essentially.

Gangstalkers and Community Organized Mobbers Working For Political Parties, Unions, Gangs, Terrorist Groups, Governments, Drug Cartels, NGO’s and Religious Institutions

Aside from being a targeted individual who has been targeted by the spirit bodies of people belonging to different social hierarchies none of which I have any part with because I my individuality and sure I don’t mind collectivism but not in a ways where it involves being physically grouped together with people that don’t resonate with me or my specific interests which is based around philosophy, science, spirituality, topics related certain forms of chemistry, neurology, sociology, computer science, western traditional values and traditional western family values. But the other that’s interesting is that these gangstalkers and community organized mobbers who represent different collective hierarchical interests political parties, unions, gangs, terrorist groups, governments, drug cartels, NGO’s and religious institutions to that end are looking for certain types of people that can be of use to them but what’s interesting about that is there looking for the souls of saints (not to be confused with the sufi saint system which is copied and pasted from the original saint model), arch angels and angels because while they do exist on earth in human bodies these different collective hierarchies want to use them for political, social and religious gains. I suspect that some of these saints, arch angels and angels have been forced to commit acts of violence towards others and then bullied into doing criminal acts for the benefit of whatever collective hierarchy and it’s leadership wants them to do specifically. But me being the bull headed, strong willed and strong minded individual that I am the spirit body attacks of a variety with not make me faulter because I have enough previous soul experiences to know exact what these spirited adversaries want out of me. I figure by being an conscientious objector to everything that doesn’t resonate with me like political parties, non governmental organizations, unions, gangs, drug cartels, terrorist groups, hacker groups, activist groups, religious institutions including that of the islamic world which encompasses every school of thought, different sub dominations and even it’s strict jurisprudence but the backscatter effect as usual tries to pull me into the different paradoxes of each social hierarchy no matter how small or large it maybe. Then it tries to play tinpot totalitarian dictator with my conscience and consciousness as I navigate life my way. Some of the consciousness I hear externally asks every so often why I do this and why I do that for example one strain of consciousness asked me this “who told you to blog” because my guess is this consciousness doesn’t respect individual and independent thinking. But it seems to subscribe to collective borg like and hive mind thinking whether if a person goes against the directives of the collective it questions the person like Winston Smith in Orwell’s novel 1984 for thought crime. But the thing I find about the vocal vibrations of these consciousnesses is that there mainly people of color who say these things and the last time I checked wasn’t a person of color like them so this means that persons of color are the ones playing tin pot totalitarian dictator with the backscatter effect and natural electromagnetic spectrum where most of this consciousness comes from. But then I finally realized that these consciousnesses on there end are having to deal with the backscatter effect of whites telling them how to think and playing tin pot totalitarian dictator which might explain why this gangstalker business exists in the first place. The whites that pick on the people of color that pick on me via the backscatter effect would definitely have to have the biological attributes of normal A and O negative blood without the XGA blood factors and normal chromosome like 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) but this means that my specific biology wouldn’t being picking on them per say because I am fairly certain they could tell what vocal patterns sound like if they where to be heard at there homes or wherever it maybe.

Hacked Communication Satellites Can Be Used As Weapons To Carry Out DDOS Attacks Against Internet Users and Physical Infrastructure Like Buildings, Residences and Vehicles That Can Inflicted Physical and Psychological Damage To The Victims

Aside from the fact that the U.S. government likes to use there directed energy satellites to inflict damage on physical and human targets that they see as a threat to there existence. There is an unseen problem that gets ignored by the general public is that hackers like to hijack communication satellites to use them for the same reason to inflict damage on physical and human targets but then to also hack there communications capabilities.

Eliminating The Backscatter Effect In Your House Is Fairly Easy To Do With A Few Networking Devices and Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Aside from shutting down the internet to clean the bad and good vibrations that build up from being on constantly and that brings in the biological energies from the outside world that come from the bodies of other people into your house or whatever building that has the internet . The other thing that helps is to clean up those same bad and good vibrations from the electrical wiring that also imports biological energies from the outside world that come from the bodies of other people that channels these things in from outside world that comes from the earth’s natural electromagnetic field that shares the same vibration as the manmade electromagnetic field resonance.

Power Over Ethernet Works As A Great Tool To Basically Cancel Out Projected Vibrations From The Electronic Projection Of EMF From The Wiring In The Walls and Ceiling Of Residence and Other Commercial Building
D-Link Powerline AV2 1000’s Do A Good Job Of Channeling Different Electronic Resonance Frequency From The Telecommunications Grid That Doesn’t Have The Same Electronic Resonance Frequency That Comes Through Electrical Grid.
D-Link Powerline AV2 1000’s Do A Good Job Of Channeling Different Electronic Resonance Frequency From The Telecommunications Grid That Doesn’t Have The Same Electronic Resonance Frequency That Comes Through Electrical Grid.
It’s Always Good To Have Extra Networking Cable Preferably Cat 6 or Higher
To Isolate Any Ejection Of Electromagnetic From The Plugins In Your Residence I Would Suggest Buying Some Plastic Plug Covers So That EMF Effect Doesn’t Influence Your Thinking or Psychological
To Isolate Any Ejection Of Electromagnetic From The Plugins In Your Residence I Would Suggest Buying Some Plastic Plug Covers So That EMF Effect Doesn’t Influence Your Thinking or Psychological
To Isolate Any Ejection Of Electromagnetic From The Plugins In Your Residence I Would Suggest Buying Some Plastic Plug Covers So That EMF Effect Doesn’t Influence Your Thinking or Psychological
To Isolate Any Ejection Of Electromagnetic From The Plugins In Your Residence I Would Suggest Buying Some Plastic Plug Covers So That EMF Effect Doesn’t Influence Your Thinking or Psychological
Then After Putting Plastic Plug Covers On Every Electrical Outlet Except For One or Two Rooms You Isolate Good and Bad Vibrations Into Those Two Rooms Making It Easier To Manage The Threat Of Bodily Energies Emanating From The Electrical Outlets Etc
A Bag Of These Things Only Costs About 10 Bucks

Cleaning Off The Bad and Even Some Of The Good Vibrations That Accumulate With Your Electronic Devices Like Smartphone, Computers, WiFi Routers, Television Boxes, Televisions and Radio’s

The thing to note when it comes to backscatter effect created by the biological vibrations which I call bioelectricity that ejects and projects from the bodies of people that feeds into earth’s natural electromagnetic spectrum which then is channeled into the artificial electromagnetic spectrum which can be identifiable as the electrical and telecommunications grid. Where certain people with the natural gifted ability can hear the offset vocal vibrations that are persistently lingering in the buildings small and large that carry the body vibrations of everyone that ejects and projects thought and sounds of people’s brains and souls that be heard by pineal gland or the third eye of the individual. To offset the problem I have found that disconnecting any electronic devices like WiFi routers, smartphones and computers that can accumulate the bioelectric vibrations of people it’s always important to have a place in your house to clean off those vibrations which are etheric parasites that are created by people who have an interfering biology like those with common blood types like A, B, O and AB positive or negative without the blood factors like XGA positive or negative and then the most common human chromosomes like 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) that make there bodily energies interfering and oppressive including the vocal and thought vibrations that when heard by certain individuals on this planet it might seem like that person who tries to describe it first hand to some else who has no knowledge of that kind of thing would be identified as mentally ill like schizophrenic or bipolar because that’s how the status quo is supposed view things like that because I suspect that the powers that be know these things exist and they don’t want the general public to be aware of these things because it put an end to social power structures that maintain using social constructs like psychiatric or the medical professions to keep society under the control and what I would like to call being put in the dark.

The Violent Doctrines Of Islam Which Compliments Islamism Helps The Rich and The Military Industrial Complex Perpetuate More Wars Overseas and Domestically To Make Billions With Each Conflict

If you think about it the violent doctrines found in the quran if they didn’t exist then richest of the rich in this world would haven’t leg to stand on because they need those violent doctrines in the quran to perpetuate more wars to make money. Which then makes them richer and more influential across all spectrums of society. The military industrial complex wouldn’t be able to exist without the blood lust and the obligation that all muslims must fight jihad in the name of there god allah. Who is essentially just a combination of both diana the moon goddess and lucifer the lightbearer joining forces together to dominate the planet. The rich themselves worship diana moon goddess and lucifer lightbearer by itself and then channel there will into those spiritual entities which is then further channeled into the islamic world which influences there thinking and the agenda is set further by the religious leaders of the islamic world. But basically it means that the rich can socially influence the minds of the islamic world to start conflicts that help them achieve the money making ventures they created like the military industrial complex.

Basically what I’m saying is that war is racket and the islamic world is apart of the racket and that stand against the rich and the islamic world for creating a perpetual system of warfare that destroys humanity. The other thing too is that the left which defends the existence of the islamic world and the islamists within that world in the western world. They act like human shields and defend there rights which means that they can socially engineer more wars in there mosques depending on whether there sufi, sunni and shiites both median and meccan using there powers of manifestation and there combined collective energies to promote a fake agenda of peace but project a real agenda of war unconsciously and collectively into the electromagnetic spectrum or earth’s spiritual planes which the energies from these people’s minds are then dumped into the people’s minds using directed energy weapons homemade or made by the military industrial complex. Which is used to plant the seeds of conflict and war into the people’s heads and there bodies then the criminal classes are then psychically instructed by the some of hierarchy from somewhere in society to drug the individual involuntarily without there consent where as they break into the individual’s home or residence to give some sort of a powerful intoxicant like psychedelics or psychoactives something when the people who plant these seeds or etheric parasites in people like can tell whether or not there taking intoxicants like psychedelics or psychoactives because they themselves are psychics or mystics that can read people bodies and there energies to see what’s in them. This would be in some ways relatable to what I think might be project monarch but then citizenry at large have been known to take project monarch’s ideas and reverse engineer the ideas to hybrid mind control programs. But either way the idiots who are doing this stuff are convinced that there ideas achieve peace but it instead perpuates more wars and conflicts domestically and internationally which helps the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Like most religious constructs on earth the islamic world and it’s different social hierarchical tribal structures help the richest of the rich and there military industrial complex achieve success in making wars overseas because of the existence of violent versus in the quran. If islam didn’t exist at all then military industrial complex wouldn’t exist the way it does today and my assumption is that the richest of the rich would have the amassed billions in there possession if that was the case. Even if reform of islam where to occur in the next couple of years the wars overseas would still manifest through the daily prayers these people do because the doctrine of jihad has been encoded into the DNA/RNA of born sufis, muslims, islamists and jihadists who are non white but some of them are whites too like the ones from eastern Europe or Chechens from Russia.

Hiding Things In Plain Sight and Calling It Hidden When It Clearly Contradicts Itself To The Contrary

I got to say that whoever thought they could use the arduino boards in my house to some diy psychological warfare figured that naming the rogue access point “hidden network” was a good idea but clearly the person that did this wasn’t thinking that maybe somebody would discover this and would probably question it like me for example.

Voice To Skull Arduino Boards Use The Electromagnetic Spectrum and The Projection Of Electromagnetic Energies To Channel Biological Energies From Manmade Electrical and Telecommunications Sources

My Smart Home Security System Gets Hacked

Can’t Fix Stupid Or Smart

External Psychic Harassment From The Spiritual Energy Planes

External Psychic Harassment From The Spiritual Energy Planes (Part 2)

A Warning To Anyone About The Dangers Of Electromagnetism and How It Plays A Role In The Spiritual Possession Of The Human Body

Evidence Of Directed Energy Weapons Or Psychic Seeding Devices In My House

Getting These Arduino Seeder Boards Forensically Analyzed By A Private Company Because The Government Won’t Forensically Analyze Them

Looking For Those Arduino Seeder Boards It’s As Easy Getting A Thermal Imaging Camera

The Ejection and Projection Of Consciousness From The Electrical Grid Into Your House or Residence From Your Electrical System

WiFi Bio Connectivity

Then when you consider the obvious about how attackers like to use rogue access points as means to get themselves and there consciousness into someone’s residence that means that they will use a ddos or evil twin attack to do that therefore possessing the house with themselves and everything there bodies interconnect to biologically.

Most Of Us Indigo Old Souls Are Disabled With Physical Disabilities Like Turner’s 45 (XO), XXX, Klinefelter’s (47 XXY), 48 XXXY and 49 XXXXY

Aside from the fact that where physically disabled and naturally transgendered we have a variety of different categorized disabilities that are chromosomal in nature ranging from 45 (XO) Turner’s Syndrome, Triple X Syndrome, 47 XXY Klinefelter’s Syndrome, 48 XXXY and 49 XXXXY.

Klinefelter’s Syndrome (47 XXY) The Condition That I Was Born With From Birth That Makes Me Natural Part Male and Female No Surgeries Required and I Take A Testosterone Supplement Because I Don’t Have The Natural Capabilities Of Producing Testosterone Myself. I Was Diagnosed With Klinefelter’s Syndrome In May Of 2002 When I Was 17 Years Old It Was Discovered By The University Of Alberta Genetics Laboratory.

Turner’s Syndrome

48 XXXY Syndrome

49 XXXXY Syndrome

Triple X Syndrome

Now the really retarded thing is that over the past eight months some weird deep state operation was carried out by unknown individuals where they convinced me that I was a divine being at first some of human spirit bodies carrying themselves from whatever point of origin on this planet telling my mind, body and soul that I was an arch angel and then a saint the soul that told me this was just some random individual that sounded like he was about in his early 50’s probably greasy pedophile shit stained fuck that figured he could yank my chain a dozen times or so that identified himself as god. But now that I think of it I don’t think he was at all and quite frankly probably did way too adrenochrome and multitude of drugs where he biohacked his own body then his brain and then did something to his own soul either enhanced it somehow using something like homemade electromagnetic weapon or something as simple as a Dr. Hoe machine modified to inject more of an electric charge into his body my guess is that he was apart of the transhumanist movement which covers biohacking, neurohacking and soul hacking in that order. Where it basically means that he and dozens of other people like him want to get on board with the indigo old souls on earth like me to start something with some of us too play the system against itself and fuck shit up.

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Voice To Skull Arduino Boards Use The Electromagnetic Spectrum and The Projection Of Electromagnetic Energies To Channel Biological Energies From Manmade Electrical and Telecommunications Sources

Yesterday I tracked down the company responsible for creating the semiconductors and other electronic components that are used on these small arduino nano boards. That are used for psychological warfare, voice to skull projection and mind control conditioning applications. These things can talk to three things in the human body the brain, body and soul on the condition that biological and spiritual attributes are the same with those persons that connect to somebody like me. So in my case me having Klinefelter’s syndrome 47 (XXY), A negative blood with several different additional blood factors like XGA negative and many more not found amongst the most of the general public that cannot be eradicated from my body even if think that’s possible besides I don’t mind having the blood factors seeing as it puts some mental and spiritual distance between me and the Illuminati with don’t have those blood factors. Plus unique genetics that are quite strange when put under the microscope and scientifically analyzed. Then the other thing too is the only type of people that can talk to my soul are people who have the specific biological attributes I do or something along those lines. Because me having Klinefelter’s syndrome means that I am naturally transgendered too born at birth as I was conceived in my mother’s womb during her pregnancy with me. Most of adversaries think that this was a some kind of CIA black ops experiment done with women during the 1980’s and 1990’s. But it’s not and it was just an occurrence created by natural evolutionary forces within the human condition when most of the millenials where incarnating around that time. Some of these millenials like me where born with an old soul who belong to the indigo soul group and most of these souls I network with currently are born with rare genetic conditions like Klinefelter’s, Turner’s, 48 XXXY and 49 XXXXY syndrome where are soul energies all resonate with one another equally and we talk to each other soul to soul over the earth’s and universes electromagnetic spectrum as we communicate with things like highly evolved spiritual beings who most people would identify as god.

These voice to skull devices I think in theory act as a supernatural communications work around where I have begun to notice that some of the things I can channel out of my soul might not vibrational resonate with me and this process can be deceiving. Because the spiritual being that calls himself god doesn’t sound or have the authority of God but sounds like a psychopath because sometimes I can’t relate to his energies and it seems as if he has soul hacked our soul group using these voice to skull devices. Sure god is an internal being where he connects with the souls of everyone depending on there specific biological attributes. However I am convinced that maybe not everyone on earth can channel or communicate with it because it’s definitely not male or female but is a neutral being with both male and female qualities just like with me. I get the impression that maybe those people on earth who are just ordinarily A, B, O and AB positive or negative with the most common genetic and racial attributes like Arab or Asian that have chromosomes like 44 (XX) or 46 (XY) can’t really speak to it because they don’t have the biological attributes that I have or people like me have within my soul group per say.