Being A Political and Highly Philosophical, Spiritual and Scientific Is The Ultimate Key To Human and Spiritual Evolution

Aside from the fact that at one point during my adult life I used to be heavily invested in the political world which was my biggest mistake because aside from the fact that for the most part I’m literally a social loner with very little of any friends for obvious reasons and a physical individualist then a mental and spiritual collectivist. I have come to realization that politics plus religion another institution I have no part with anymore is literally the main reason why the world has so many social problems all bundled up into one. The political hierarchies on earth have created monstrosities in it’s wake that act like leeches sucking the life out of people when where all told the politics and democracy is foundations and building blocks of progression. But upon further inspection politics is what keeps the all underworld’s of every type and the deep state’s protected from prosecution by the courts even though elected representatives are the ones at the helm of the police, intelligence and military who put pressure on them to get to the bottom of security issues created by there politics while collaborating with every type of religious establishment on earth even the worst of the worse like the church of satan, the luciferians and the wiccans. There seems to be a lot of virtue signaling coming from the left and right where they emphasize that there after organized crime when in fact they use organized crime syndicates to do there dirty work for them and the real threat to the existence of any government including the political establishment isn’t everything from criminals to activists it’s highly evolved old souls like me and roughly 142,000 others like us that have indigo souls and aura’s where are souls are older than the earth itself and the young plus the middle aged souls who had a hand in helping our former exiled souls create everything on earth from the religious establishments large and small to the democratic system, all of the world’s underground and deep states to facilitate a global system that would promote peace but create war endlessly and the people to some extent would rebel against these things but then would begin to unconsciously accept these system by being bullied and peer pressured into being slaves of this system when some sells them the idea that it’s rebellious to join the organized crime syndicates that cater to the system of globalist authority something that a lot of these organized crime syndicates and membership say there against it but when you put it to the test to see whether or not they are or aren’t. Apparently the rebelliousness is just virtue signaling meant to lure new members into the hierarchy but they themselves have standards of conformity that are similar to a lot of governments world wide because the minds of the idiots are literally networking biologically with the government and they think that there rebelliousness is some how authentic but it’s not and when you tell these bumbling morons that it isn’t they get triggered emotionally and react to the logical implied by some like myself.

When it comes to relationship I have with old souls like me I have something that exists between us where we retain our individuality but collectively share each other’s ideas without making any contact with other electronically or physically because we strive not be like the gangs or these inbred terrorists and there terror gangs that seek to dominate society with coercion and force. I operate on the communlist (this was original to communism before it was social re engineered by like of Marx and Lenin who corrupted the ideas and twisted them to suit there social agenda) then the voluntaryist model then on the western patriot and constitutional model. Which is to be applied to every indigo soul cluster per region.

Soul Cluster Alpha (Western Canada)

Soul Cluster Bravo (Eastern Canada)

Soul Cluster Charile (Eastern United States)

Soul Cluster Delta (Western United States)

Soul Cluster Echo (Western Europe)

Soul Cluster Foxtrot (Eastern Europe)

Soul Cluster Gulf (Africa)

Soul Cluster Hotel (Western Asia)

Soul Cluster India (Central Asia)

Soul Cluster Juliet (South and East Asia)

Soul Cluster Kilo (Russia)

Soul Cluster Lima (Oceania)

Soul Cluster Mike (Central and South America)

Where doing everything on the 4Chan B/ psyops model where every adversary or people that ignore are cosmic authority gets the meming of a life time based on B/ where we use memes to not interrogate per say but to “re educate” our adversaries and when it comes to mental and spiritual combat aspects it’s based on different things from the video game sub cultures that can be pretty much anything for us anyways.

When Muslims Pray There Energies Channel Into The Earth And Channel Out Into The Earth’s Magentosphere Contributing To The Global Backscatter Effect That Makes Every Muslims Vocal Vibrations Sound Like There God As There Energies Boomerang Back Into The Earth

Aside from the fact that the world’s Muslim population prays all of there energy into the earth that then channels deep into it. Where the biological energies of the 2.2 billion minds of these animals ends up breaking the planet because of the regressive energies these animals give off from the shit they do like beheading others, stoning women, raping women, animal sacrifices, excessive drug use and human sacrifices means that the planet’s natural vibration is ruined by there brains and bodies which has a low collective vibration. But the other thing too is that the injection of there biological energies into earth also channels out of the earth’s magentosphere which means the vocal vibrations from there distributed biological energies give anyone with the ability to hear the vocal vibrations externally with there third eye as if “God” is speaking to the mind a person when the biological energies of these Muslims is just boomeranged back into the earth and then it’s dumped into the atmosphere where it lingers and eventually trickles down onto the surface and the rest of society including those 2.2 billion Muslims that pray five times a day they literally pray on themselves thinking nothing of the fact that they all become there own god and the god of the rest of society that practices other religions or belief systems.

Then these dumbasses with the DOD who operate a satellite fleet called SATCOM in space for a multitude of reasons keep facilitating the biological vibrations of these animals by assisting them and directing there energies with the directed energy satellites on the heads of the people they don’t like but call them threats to the United States of America when a majority of the time these people aren’t threats but the biological energies of the Muslim world are the true threat to the constitutional republic of the United States of America and the rest of the western world. Because they see the western world as the great Satan at least both Saudi and Iranian citizens do because that’s just the kind of dogma they subscribe too which is Islam.

Hypothesis: These Arduino DEW, V2K and Hidden Camera Boards Have Secret WiFi Routers That Manage The Connections To Each and Everyone Of Them Everywhere They Are

Aside from the fact that these arduino boards that have been engineered by hackers using the hacker and maker spaces everywhere in the western to use for the neuro, bio and soul hacking to do transhumanism, human reengineering and hybrid monarch mind control on people for a multitude of reasons like hijacking divine beings and there souls so they can use god against everyone else where as there interested in taking control of saints, arch angels and angels who souls are all connected to him and clearly that says the level of desperation of those behind the design, engineering and construction of these things where almost certain that they could convince people that anyone attacked by them where being targeted by officialdom on a official level but they weren’t however officials did know of the existence of these things so they would use there ability to backdoor the bodies of those that created them and hijack them using mind control and there drug addictions to use them against individuals who are born with divine right. The individuals who had the ultimate control over these things work in the telecommunications sector via the telecommunications union not saying exactly what unions but there managed by the Canadian labour Congress and American Federation Of Labour. Then different hacktivist groups ranging from Anonymous to the Lizard Group had the control over of these things. But after doing some more analysis on where these things are located I realize that they where put in every building on earth and the thing people need to understand is these are do it yourself technologies how many governments out there on earth use diy technology for whatever operations they do on the scale they do it and whatever capacity they do it. Then the other to remember is that radicals that built these things used people’s internet subscriptions splicing a separate connection with coaxial cable and DSL copper from the primary coaxial cable and DSL copper that most people had going into there residences or whatever freestanding structures where compromised by these hacker radicals. They used WiFi routers with built-in Bluetooth capabilities to make these things give off an electromagnetic burst of electricity which could be used to get the vibrations of whoever was doing the DDOS attack on these devices that gave off that gave off that burst of electromagnetism.

The possibility is that they use backdoored smartphones because they have built in Bluetooth both software and hardware to carry out these dew attacks on specific people they considered to be divine with soul connections to God.

Praying For People Means To Prey On Them Because It’s A Predatory Psychic Attack On The Spiritual Liberty and Freedom Of That Individual

For starters I’m no idiot because when it comes to praying of any type from whatever the religious domination it is the idea of sending prayers to people might sound nice but it isn’t because I base it on the idea of the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even if the conscious intentions of that person’s prayer is good the other thing that people miss is the unconscious intentions and the thing too remember because Freud’s analysis of the entire consciousness is that unconscious mind hides all fears, anger, displeasure, irrationality and dissonance in that person. Yes praying is form of communication between the person and God however some douchebags like to use prayer as a means to control God which is nothing more than a bunch of arrogant meddling.

Targeted Individuals Such As Myself Are On A Global Network and Are Registered As A Global Business

This might come as a surprise but most targeted individuals like me are registered as a business by large and mid sized hierarchical interests who are connected to things like non governmental organizations, political parties, unions, numbered companies, contractors and sub contractors that track people down via online services like Shodan or with things like there ASN number.

Your Dreams As You Sleep Are Just Reruns Of Your Past Lives Being Played Back On You Or In Other Words It’s Like Watching Reruns On Television.

Just a little hat tip but most of your dreams are just reruns of your past life experiences being played back at you in your sleep. Sometimes you might have a live streamed dream or what is also called an out of body experience however that’s not what people think it is and quite frankly that’s connected to the spirit stalking problem where people’s energy partitions deploy from there bodies as they sleep at night where there unaware that spirit bodies are running around possessing the bodies of other people as they sleep at night getting in there physical bodies and experiencing there realities as they dream that’s the reality of what an out of body experience is really and truly it has nothing to do with traversing the astro planes because the human race isn’t a spiritual evolved enough to even do such a thing in the first place.

But to put it another way when your physical body goes to sleep at night your spirit body wakes up after sleeping all day. Then when you wake up in the morning your spirit body goes to sleep after being up all night long hence the reason why you feel like your denergized most of time even if you got a good’s night sleep because the other part of you acts like a recon drone scooping up vibrations from the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

How New Age Stores Both Brick and Mortar Plus Online Stores That Sell New Age Products Like Crystals Etc Are Used As Honeypots For Religious Repentance and Blackmailing Purposes

If you shop at store that sells new age products just be warned that if the wrong person finds out your buying anything from stores like this or the online stores that sell things the brick and mortar shops do I find that the enemies psychic consciousness will pick up the vibrations of your purchases and then in some instances they will either gangstalk, criminally harass, cyberbully, psychically attack individuals and ruin them because the consensus of what other people think people might be doing with stuff like that is well from what I have heard from the backscatter effect is that it’s witchcraft and sorcery meanwhile the idiots who say this stuff using the backscatter effect use mind altering substances like marijuana or psychedelics and do witchcraft and sorcery on themselves but then attack people who use holistics and naturopathy (victim blaming). Which does no harm to the collective whole of humanity via the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum where everyone’s brains are networking with each other based on biological demographics. But just be warned when it comes to dealing with idiots who see the new age movement, holistics and naturopathy just remember that most of these idiots are third worlders who think whites are made of gold and the human soul connects to Satan and the brain connects to God there an ass backwards people for the most part with there average IQ’s being around the 40 to 50 range.

Those Same Arduino Nano and Uno Control Boards Used For Directed Energy Projection Applications and Voice To Skull Applications Have Different BSSID’s

Aside from the fact that these same arduino boards both nano and uno had previous been identified with a different BSSID means that some time between a week ago and now somebody must have backdoored either my neighbors internet or mine where they changed the function of these devices and basically either took ownership of them whoever that maybe. Because they where originally named maker A28C until I brought up on the internet then some party might have taken control of things in here at some point I was planning on having them removed from the house but now I might be more inclined to just move out of house and live somewhere else because the environment vibration of neighborhood is saturated with collective hierarchies of tribal, regressive and radical people that comes into my house and can influence my thinking so the wise thing to do is just get out of the area.

Indigo Evolution

Just to give a run down of the kind of person that I am and yes it might seem as if that I’m not like that at all because well it’s kind of hard to believe what a person says either on the internet (because if it’s on the internet it must be true) or even in a face to face environment then it’s usually a fifty/fifty even if there’s empirical evidence to contrary it’s still never really true either even if authority figures tell you it’s true because even they can be wrong just like joe blow public can be too.

Indigo Souls Like Me and Many Others Having Nothing To Do With Being Saints, Arch Angels or Angels That’s Just Excessive Labeling From The Occult Left and Right.

Some of these deep state occultists from the left and right decided to import there spirit bodies into my house and gave this impression that I was a saint and that this narrative played on for the last eight months and I knew that this had to be script for some kind of a ploy like something that was going to lead up to an event where I would end up losing my life and the lives of others over the fantasy of some other earth bound soul that pretended to be my soul brother and called me St. James the Lord’s Brother sure the soul age of me is correct but the other part of it isn’t because the souls who invented the saint, arch angel and angel model where luciferians along with the theological and religious models on this planet to keep mankind from exploring there own spiritual and physical evolution. Something the luciferians, satanists, abraxians and dianians hated because they where always such attention whores who want people to pay attention to them and pushed there self entitlement mentality around in the consciousness of mankind so that people would eat themselves, compete, blackmail and infight with each other. This would ensure that the luciferians, satanists, abraxians and dianians wouldn’t be have to worry about there power being challenged or taken away from them which would shield them from there adversaries which would be people like me. But seeing as there agents knew I was on earth they decided to have a little fun with souls like us and figured that if labeled us special that we would take the bait and go along with the scripted narrative. But with me I have strategy to keep these guys thinking that I’m on there team when I’m actually not where I give these guys enough rope to hang themselves with and that worming my way out these ploys of there’s might be difficult it really isn’t and most people in this day and age most people have very little patience to wait these things out until the dust settles per say and then social engineers if these things are exposed out in the open for the asshatery that the do to others trying make themselves look good for the boss to get promoted in whatever things they do but then again I more inclined to think that they weren’t government employees, contractors or sub contractors but people linked to social clubs outside of the government that requires them to do certain acts in the community where they get rewarded with gold stars (sarcasm), free stuff and privileges. Aside from that the idiots who did put the wings of imagination on me by using there arduino DEW and V2K boards to make changes to my DNA/RNA so that these wings would grow out of back only to be seen by the foresights of other people’s minds via the deplorable spirt bodies that would partition from there physical bodies where they would use those spirt bodies to speak to my physical body using there V2K boards making sound as if I was special however being a hardcore skeptic I wasn’t going to let these guys take me for the ferry ride and that eventually I would jump off the thing and swim to shore going my own way.