When Muslims Pray There Energies Channel Into The Earth And Channel Out Into The Earth’s Magentosphere Contributing To The Global Backscatter Effect That Makes Every Muslims Vocal Vibrations Sound Like There God As There Energies Boomerang Back Into The Earth

Aside from the fact that the world’s Muslim population prays all of there energy into the earth that then channels deep into it. Where the biological energies of the 2.2 billion minds of these animals ends up breaking the planet because of the regressive energies these animals give off from the shit they do like beheading others, stoning women, raping women, animal sacrifices, excessive drug use and human sacrifices means that the planet’s natural vibration is ruined by there brains and bodies which has a low collective vibration. But the other thing too is that the injection of there biological energies into earth also channels out of the earth’s magentosphere which means the vocal vibrations from there distributed biological energies give anyone with the ability to hear the vocal vibrations externally with there third eye as if “God” is speaking to the mind a person when the biological energies of these Muslims is just boomeranged back into the earth and then it’s dumped into the atmosphere where it lingers and eventually trickles down onto the surface and the rest of society including those 2.2 billion Muslims that pray five times a day they literally pray on themselves thinking nothing of the fact that they all become there own god and the god of the rest of society that practices other religions or belief systems.

Then these dumbasses with the DOD who operate a satellite fleet called SATCOM in space for a multitude of reasons keep facilitating the biological vibrations of these animals by assisting them and directing there energies with the directed energy satellites on the heads of the people they don’t like but call them threats to the United States of America when a majority of the time these people aren’t threats but the biological energies of the Muslim world are the true threat to the constitutional republic of the United States of America and the rest of the western world. Because they see the western world as the great Satan at least both Saudi and Iranian citizens do because that’s just the kind of dogma they subscribe too which is Islam.

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