Praying For People Means To Prey On Them Because It’s A Predatory Psychic Attack On The Spiritual Liberty and Freedom Of That Individual

For starters I’m no idiot because when it comes to praying of any type from whatever the religious domination it is the idea of sending prayers to people might sound nice but it isn’t because I base it on the idea of the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even if the conscious intentions of that person’s prayer is good the other thing that people miss is the unconscious intentions and the thing too remember because Freud’s analysis of the entire consciousness is that unconscious mind hides all fears, anger, displeasure, irrationality and dissonance in that person. Yes praying is form of communication between the person and God however some douchebags like to use prayer as a means to control God which is nothing more than a bunch of arrogant meddling.

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