Hypothesis: These Arduino DEW, V2K and Hidden Camera Boards Have Secret WiFi Routers That Manage The Connections To Each and Everyone Of Them Everywhere They Are

Aside from the fact that these arduino boards that have been engineered by hackers using the hacker and maker spaces everywhere in the western to use for the neuro, bio and soul hacking to do transhumanism, human reengineering and hybrid monarch mind control on people for a multitude of reasons like hijacking divine beings and there souls so they can use god against everyone else where as there interested in taking control of saints, arch angels and angels who souls are all connected to him and clearly that says the level of desperation of those behind the design, engineering and construction of these things where almost certain that they could convince people that anyone attacked by them where being targeted by officialdom on a official level but they weren’t however officials did know of the existence of these things so they would use there ability to backdoor the bodies of those that created them and hijack them using mind control and there drug addictions to use them against individuals who are born with divine right. The individuals who had the ultimate control over these things work in the telecommunications sector via the telecommunications union not saying exactly what unions but there managed by the Canadian labour Congress and American Federation Of Labour. Then different hacktivist groups ranging from Anonymous to the Lizard Group had the control over of these things. But after doing some more analysis on where these things are located I realize that they where put in every building on earth and the thing people need to understand is these are do it yourself technologies how many governments out there on earth use diy technology for whatever operations they do on the scale they do it and whatever capacity they do it. Then the other to remember is that radicals that built these things used people’s internet subscriptions splicing a separate connection with coaxial cable and DSL copper from the primary coaxial cable and DSL copper that most people had going into there residences or whatever freestanding structures where compromised by these hacker radicals. They used WiFi routers with built-in Bluetooth capabilities to make these things give off an electromagnetic burst of electricity which could be used to get the vibrations of whoever was doing the DDOS attack on these devices that gave off that gave off that burst of electromagnetism.



The possibility is that they use backdoored smartphones because they have built in Bluetooth both software and hardware to carry out these dew attacks on specific people they considered to be divine with soul connections to God.

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