Your Dreams As You Sleep Are Just Reruns Of Your Past Lives Being Played Back On You Or In Other Words It’s Like Watching Reruns On Television.

Just a little hat tip but most of your dreams are just reruns of your past life experiences being played back at you in your sleep. Sometimes you might have a live streamed dream or what is also called an out of body experience however that’s not what people think it is and quite frankly that’s connected to the spirit stalking problem where people’s energy partitions deploy from there bodies as they sleep at night where there unaware that spirit bodies are running around possessing the bodies of other people as they sleep at night getting in there physical bodies and experiencing there realities as they dream that’s the reality of what an out of body experience is really and truly it has nothing to do with traversing the astro planes because the human race isn’t a spiritual evolved enough to even do such a thing in the first place.

But to put it another way when your physical body goes to sleep at night your spirit body wakes up after sleeping all day. Then when you wake up in the morning your spirit body goes to sleep after being up all night long hence the reason why you feel like your denergized most of time even if you got a good’s night sleep because the other part of you acts like a recon drone scooping up vibrations from the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

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