How New Age Stores Both Brick and Mortar Plus Online Stores That Sell New Age Products Like Crystals Etc Are Used As Honeypots For Religious Repentance and Blackmailing Purposes

If you shop at store that sells new age products just be warned that if the wrong person finds out your buying anything from stores like this or the online stores that sell things the brick and mortar shops do I find that the enemies psychic consciousness will pick up the vibrations of your purchases and then in some instances they will either gangstalk, criminally harass, cyberbully, psychically attack individuals and ruin them because the consensus of what other people think people might be doing with stuff like that is well from what I have heard from the backscatter effect is that it’s witchcraft and sorcery meanwhile the idiots who say this stuff using the backscatter effect use mind altering substances like marijuana or psychedelics and do witchcraft and sorcery on themselves but then attack people who use holistics and naturopathy (victim blaming). Which does no harm to the collective whole of humanity via the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum where everyone’s brains are networking with each other based on biological demographics. But just be warned when it comes to dealing with idiots who see the new age movement, holistics and naturopathy just remember that most of these idiots are third worlders who think whites are made of gold and the human soul connects to Satan and the brain connects to God there an ass backwards people for the most part with there average IQ’s being around the 40 to 50 range.

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