Those Same Arduino Nano and Uno Control Boards Used For Directed Energy Projection Applications and Voice To Skull Applications Have Different BSSID’s

Aside from the fact that these same arduino boards both nano and uno had previous been identified with a different BSSID means that some time between a week ago and now somebody must have backdoored either my neighbors internet or mine where they changed the function of these devices and basically either took ownership of them whoever that maybe. Because they where originally named maker A28C until I brought up on the internet then some party might have taken control of things in here at some point I was planning on having them removed from the house but now I might be more inclined to just move out of house and live somewhere else because the environment vibration of neighborhood is saturated with collective hierarchies of tribal, regressive and radical people that comes into my house and can influence my thinking so the wise thing to do is just get out of the area.

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