My Psychic Adversaries Over The Electromagnetic Spectrum Keep Suggesting That I Join A Gang or Worse A Terrorist Group To Get Back At The Oppressors That Targeted Me Because They Subscribe To The Idea Of Group Identity, Collectivism and Vengeance.

The suggestion I get from my psychic adversaries is that I should join a gang or a terrorist group to alert the authorities about the threat it poses to my individuality however the only thing there is that it’s a honeypot and a form of criminal entrapment because for starters sure I have been attacked physically, mentally and spiritually by different psychic adversaries from different social, ethnic and political backgrounds. That have a slightly different idea about how things should work based on there understanding of the world around them and whatever knowledge resides in there mind and the specific neurological and biological connections they have to whatever racial demographics there connected to. But these ideas seem to be coming from the same people who apparently hate terrorism and gangs but love to protect them from the authorities because they see them as “oppressed” but are actually the oppressors. Who oppress the psychic adversaries I hear from the electromagnetic spectrum and the ejection of there vocal vibrations into the rooms of my house. So all I can think is that maybe the drugs my psychic adversaries do make them so contradicted in there own thought processes that there level of rationality is at near record lows along with there IQ levels that all of there good ideas in there own head from my perception are really bad ideas and not worth pursuing. But there definitely worth criticizing because my psychic adversaries are apparently able to hear the content of everything I put on the internet from the electromagnetic spectrum with there open charkas and maybe even the voice to skull effect depending where they live so what happens is I do end up getting feedback from them eventually because of something called the boomerang effect. Where I throw my thoughts out there like a boomerang and eventually those thoughts come back to me like a boomerang which entails the concept of the feedback mechanism.

Being thirty five years old I have no generic interest in the kinds of things that people in there late teens to early twenties have which gangs and terrorism.

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