Indigo Souls Like Me and Many Others Having Nothing To Do With Being Saints, Arch Angels or Angels That’s Just Excessive Labeling From The Occult Left and Right.

Some of these deep state occultists from the left and right decided to import there spirit bodies into my house and gave this impression that I was a saint and that this narrative played on for the last eight months and I knew that this had to be script for some kind of a ploy like something that was going to lead up to an event where I would end up losing my life and the lives of others over the fantasy of some other earth bound soul that pretended to be my soul brother and called me St. James the Lord’s Brother sure the soul age of me is correct but the other part of it isn’t because the souls who invented the saint, arch angel and angel model where luciferians along with the theological and religious models on this planet to keep mankind from exploring there own spiritual and physical evolution. Something the luciferians, satanists, abraxians and dianians hated because they where always such attention whores who want people to pay attention to them and pushed there self entitlement mentality around in the consciousness of mankind so that people would eat themselves, compete, blackmail and infight with each other. This would ensure that the luciferians, satanists, abraxians and dianians wouldn’t be have to worry about there power being challenged or taken away from them which would shield them from there adversaries which would be people like me. But seeing as there agents knew I was on earth they decided to have a little fun with souls like us and figured that if labeled us special that we would take the bait and go along with the scripted narrative. But with me I have strategy to keep these guys thinking that I’m on there team when I’m actually not where I give these guys enough rope to hang themselves with and that worming my way out these ploys of there’s might be difficult it really isn’t and most people in this day and age most people have very little patience to wait these things out until the dust settles per say and then social engineers if these things are exposed out in the open for the asshatery that the do to others trying make themselves look good for the boss to get promoted in whatever things they do but then again I more inclined to think that they weren’t government employees, contractors or sub contractors but people linked to social clubs outside of the government that requires them to do certain acts in the community where they get rewarded with gold stars (sarcasm), free stuff and privileges. Aside from that the idiots who did put the wings of imagination on me by using there arduino DEW and V2K boards to make changes to my DNA/RNA so that these wings would grow out of back only to be seen by the foresights of other people’s minds via the deplorable spirt bodies that would partition from there physical bodies where they would use those spirt bodies to speak to my physical body using there V2K boards making sound as if I was special however being a hardcore skeptic I wasn’t going to let these guys take me for the ferry ride and that eventually I would jump off the thing and swim to shore going my own way.

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