I Was Put In The Foster Care System For 13 Years Because My Mother Was Psychically Attacked By The Left and Far Left Which Includes The Gangs, Terrorist Groups and Islamic Community

My mother after she had me was routinely targeted by gangstalkers and community organized mobbers who saw my mother as a threat but me as well because they didn’t like the fact that I was an old soul and that scared the deep state back in the 1980’s. So clearly they had to come up with a reason to make it seem as if she wasn’t capable of looking after me so the particular groups of people using there psychic energies and ability to create human energy partitions attacked here body, mind and soul. Where I assume that they did lots of drugs to mess with her biological energies as they went in and out of her body repeatedly where the stress of those attacks broke her spirit and then she lost herself which then lead to me being shuffled into the foster care system. But I suspect as much that most people like me with old souls where pushed into the foster care system much in the same way because the forces of middle age souls and young souls where threatened by the presence of old souls on earth so they had devise a system to keep us down and that’s how they did it systematically so that it would prevent the second coming of Jesus because he is one of us too and he got stuck in the system as I did probably not for the same amount of time but something along those lines and that between the both of us we are both diagnosed with the Klinefelter’s syndrome because we where born with it and at the moment where both diagnosed as schizophrenics. Which says that the system and the deep state hates our presence on earth so clearly it’s a punishment for us being us essentially.

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