Gangstalkers and Community Organized Mobbers Working For Political Parties, Unions, Gangs, Terrorist Groups, Governments, Drug Cartels, NGO’s and Religious Institutions

Aside from being a targeted individual who has been targeted by the spirit bodies of people belonging to different social hierarchies none of which I have any part with because I my individuality and sure I don’t mind collectivism but not in a ways where it involves being physically grouped together with people that don’t resonate with me or my specific interests which is based around philosophy, science, spirituality, topics related certain forms of chemistry, neurology, sociology, computer science, western traditional values and traditional western family values. But the other that’s interesting is that these gangstalkers and community organized mobbers who represent different collective hierarchical interests political parties, unions, gangs, terrorist groups, governments, drug cartels, NGO’s and religious institutions to that end are looking for certain types of people that can be of use to them but what’s interesting about that is there looking for the souls of saints (not to be confused with the sufi saint system which is copied and pasted from the original saint model), arch angels and angels because while they do exist on earth in human bodies these different collective hierarchies want to use them for political, social and religious gains. I suspect that some of these saints, arch angels and angels have been forced to commit acts of violence towards others and then bullied into doing criminal acts for the benefit of whatever collective hierarchy and it’s leadership wants them to do specifically. But me being the bull headed, strong willed and strong minded individual that I am the spirit body attacks of a variety with not make me faulter because I have enough previous soul experiences to know exact what these spirited adversaries want out of me. I figure by being an conscientious objector to everything that doesn’t resonate with me like political parties, non governmental organizations, unions, gangs, drug cartels, terrorist groups, hacker groups, activist groups, religious institutions including that of the islamic world which encompasses every school of thought, different sub dominations and even it’s strict jurisprudence but the backscatter effect as usual tries to pull me into the different paradoxes of each social hierarchy no matter how small or large it maybe. Then it tries to play tinpot totalitarian dictator with my conscience and consciousness as I navigate life my way. Some of the consciousness I hear externally asks every so often why I do this and why I do that for example one strain of consciousness asked me this “who told you to blog” because my guess is this consciousness doesn’t respect individual and independent thinking. But it seems to subscribe to collective borg like and hive mind thinking whether if a person goes against the directives of the collective it questions the person like Winston Smith in Orwell’s novel 1984 for thought crime. But the thing I find about the vocal vibrations of these consciousnesses is that there mainly people of color who say these things and the last time I checked wasn’t a person of color like them so this means that persons of color are the ones playing tin pot totalitarian dictator with the backscatter effect and natural electromagnetic spectrum where most of this consciousness comes from. But then I finally realized that these consciousnesses on there end are having to deal with the backscatter effect of whites telling them how to think and playing tin pot totalitarian dictator which might explain why this gangstalker business exists in the first place. The whites that pick on the people of color that pick on me via the backscatter effect would definitely have to have the biological attributes of normal A and O negative blood without the XGA blood factors and normal chromosome like 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) but this means that my specific biology wouldn’t being picking on them per say because I am fairly certain they could tell what vocal patterns sound like if they where to be heard at there homes or wherever it maybe.

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