Cleaning Off The Bad and Even Some Of The Good Vibrations That Accumulate With Your Electronic Devices Like Smartphone, Computers, WiFi Routers, Television Boxes, Televisions and Radio’s

The thing to note when it comes to backscatter effect created by the biological vibrations which I call bioelectricity that ejects and projects from the bodies of people that feeds into earth’s natural electromagnetic spectrum which then is channeled into the artificial electromagnetic spectrum which can be identifiable as the electrical and telecommunications grid. Where certain people with the natural gifted ability can hear the offset vocal vibrations that are persistently lingering in the buildings small and large that carry the body vibrations of everyone that ejects and projects thought and sounds of people’s brains and souls that be heard by pineal gland or the third eye of the individual. To offset the problem I have found that disconnecting any electronic devices like WiFi routers, smartphones and computers that can accumulate the bioelectric vibrations of people it’s always important to have a place in your house to clean off those vibrations which are etheric parasites that are created by people who have an interfering biology like those with common blood types like A, B, O and AB positive or negative without the blood factors like XGA positive or negative and then the most common human chromosomes like 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) that make there bodily energies interfering and oppressive including the vocal and thought vibrations that when heard by certain individuals on this planet it might seem like that person who tries to describe it first hand to some else who has no knowledge of that kind of thing would be identified as mentally ill like schizophrenic or bipolar because that’s how the status quo is supposed view things like that because I suspect that the powers that be know these things exist and they don’t want the general public to be aware of these things because it put an end to social power structures that maintain using social constructs like psychiatric or the medical professions to keep society under the control and what I would like to call being put in the dark.

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