The Violent Doctrines Of Islam Which Compliments Islamism Helps The Rich and The Military Industrial Complex Perpetuate More Wars Overseas and Domestically To Make Billions With Each Conflict

If you think about it the violent doctrines found in the quran if they didn’t exist then richest of the rich in this world would haven’t leg to stand on because they need those violent doctrines in the quran to perpetuate more wars to make money. Which then makes them richer and more influential across all spectrums of society. The military industrial complex wouldn’t be able to exist without the blood lust and the obligation that all muslims must fight jihad in the name of there god allah. Who is essentially just a combination of both diana the moon goddess and lucifer the lightbearer joining forces together to dominate the planet. The rich themselves worship diana moon goddess and lucifer lightbearer by itself and then channel there will into those spiritual entities which is then further channeled into the islamic world which influences there thinking and the agenda is set further by the religious leaders of the islamic world. But basically it means that the rich can socially influence the minds of the islamic world to start conflicts that help them achieve the money making ventures they created like the military industrial complex.

Basically what I’m saying is that war is racket and the islamic world is apart of the racket and that stand against the rich and the islamic world for creating a perpetual system of warfare that destroys humanity. The other thing too is that the left which defends the existence of the islamic world and the islamists within that world in the western world. They act like human shields and defend there rights which means that they can socially engineer more wars in there mosques depending on whether there sufi, sunni and shiites both median and meccan using there powers of manifestation and there combined collective energies to promote a fake agenda of peace but project a real agenda of war unconsciously and collectively into the electromagnetic spectrum or earth’s spiritual planes which the energies from these people’s minds are then dumped into the people’s minds using directed energy weapons homemade or made by the military industrial complex. Which is used to plant the seeds of conflict and war into the people’s heads and there bodies then the criminal classes are then psychically instructed by the some of hierarchy from somewhere in society to drug the individual involuntarily without there consent where as they break into the individual’s home or residence to give some sort of a powerful intoxicant like psychedelics or psychoactives something when the people who plant these seeds or etheric parasites in people like can tell whether or not there taking intoxicants like psychedelics or psychoactives because they themselves are psychics or mystics that can read people bodies and there energies to see what’s in them. This would be in some ways relatable to what I think might be project monarch but then citizenry at large have been known to take project monarch’s ideas and reverse engineer the ideas to hybrid mind control programs. But either way the idiots who are doing this stuff are convinced that there ideas achieve peace but it instead perpuates more wars and conflicts domestically and internationally which helps the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Like most religious constructs on earth the islamic world and it’s different social hierarchical tribal structures help the richest of the rich and there military industrial complex achieve success in making wars overseas because of the existence of violent versus in the quran. If islam didn’t exist at all then military industrial complex wouldn’t exist the way it does today and my assumption is that the richest of the rich would have the amassed billions in there possession if that was the case. Even if reform of islam where to occur in the next couple of years the wars overseas would still manifest through the daily prayers these people do because the doctrine of jihad has been encoded into the DNA/RNA of born sufis, muslims, islamists and jihadists who are non white but some of them are whites too like the ones from eastern Europe or Chechens from Russia.

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