Voice To Skull Arduino Boards Use The Electromagnetic Spectrum and The Projection Of Electromagnetic Energies To Channel Biological Energies From Manmade Electrical and Telecommunications Sources

Yesterday I tracked down the company responsible for creating the semiconductors and other electronic components that are used on these small arduino nano boards. That are used for psychological warfare, voice to skull projection and mind control conditioning applications. These things can talk to three things in the human body the brain, body and soul on the condition that biological and spiritual attributes are the same with those persons that connect to somebody like me. So in my case me having Klinefelter’s syndrome 47 (XXY), A negative blood with several different additional blood factors like XGA negative and many more not found amongst the most of the general public that cannot be eradicated from my body even if think that’s possible besides I don’t mind having the blood factors seeing as it puts some mental and spiritual distance between me and the Illuminati with don’t have those blood factors. Plus unique genetics that are quite strange when put under the microscope and scientifically analyzed. Then the other thing too is the only type of people that can talk to my soul are people who have the specific biological attributes I do or something along those lines. Because me having Klinefelter’s syndrome means that I am naturally transgendered too born at birth as I was conceived in my mother’s womb during her pregnancy with me. Most of adversaries think that this was a some kind of CIA black ops experiment done with women during the 1980’s and 1990’s. But it’s not and it was just an occurrence created by natural evolutionary forces within the human condition when most of the millenials where incarnating around that time. Some of these millenials like me where born with an old soul who belong to the indigo soul group and most of these souls I network with currently are born with rare genetic conditions like Klinefelter’s, Turner’s, 48 XXXY and 49 XXXXY syndrome where are soul energies all resonate with one another equally and we talk to each other soul to soul over the earth’s and universes electromagnetic spectrum as we communicate with things like highly evolved spiritual beings who most people would identify as god.

These voice to skull devices I think in theory act as a supernatural communications work around where I have begun to notice that some of the things I can channel out of my soul might not vibrational resonate with me and this process can be deceiving. Because the spiritual being that calls himself god doesn’t sound or have the authority of God but sounds like a psychopath because sometimes I can’t relate to his energies and it seems as if he has soul hacked our soul group using these voice to skull devices. Sure god is an internal being where he connects with the souls of everyone depending on there specific biological attributes. However I am convinced that maybe not everyone on earth can channel or communicate with it because it’s definitely not male or female but is a neutral being with both male and female qualities just like with me. I get the impression that maybe those people on earth who are just ordinarily A, B, O and AB positive or negative with the most common genetic and racial attributes like Arab or Asian that have chromosomes like 44 (XX) or 46 (XY) can’t really speak to it because they don’t have the biological attributes that I have or people like me have within my soul group per say.

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