Researching, Reading Up On or Blogging About Criminals, Drug Dealers, Gang Members, Terrorists and Radicals Makes You An Associate Of Problem Versus Being The Solution

When it comes to researching, reading up on and blogging about the worst people in society I have found that the people’s consciousness tends blame individuals like me for being apart of these groups when in fact I have just done generic research on these types of social hierarchies ranging from criminals, drug dealers, gang members, terrorists and radicals. That the vibrations from the minds of the people and there spirit bodies like to associate me with those social hierarchies even I spend most of my time alone and I’m basically a loner doing this research, reading up on this stuff either through books, ebooks, internet searches through duckduckgo or startpage piecing together a pattern in something that peaks my curiosity whatever that maybe for example I have read a book called the danger of political islam to Canada with a warning to America after absorbing that book and all of the information on it I starting telling my soul mates about the in’s and out’s of the brotherhood. Then when that happened spirit stalkers projecting vocal vibrations out of there energy partitions start showing up out of the blue claiming that I am something that I am not like a terrorist or whatever they thought was something that resonated with them based on there consensus of the truth and not mine. Then another book that I bought off the internet called the hells angels written by Hunter S Thompson I read through that book and then told my soul mates about that stuff then it turned into more accusations about how I might be associated with the hells angels based on the book I read and then doing internet research shortly there after to add to the knowledge in my head. I do this research to avoid groups or other individuals that might undermine my individuality, liberties and freedoms not mention my own individual identity on top of that because let’s be honest I am mainly doing internet research most of the time and other geek stuff with my spare time that doesn’t necessarily interfering with the activities of others. But some of these spirit bodies that float around projecting there vocal vibrations at me and making false accusations against me either say I am one of these badasses or they then further accuse me of working with the police or some governing body but I have had no physical police officers or government employees approach me in person asking me questions or asking me whether or not I want to work with them etc. But for the most part this how it goes for me and then the worst part is that some of the spirit stalkers try to recruit me into one of the social hierarchies that does bad things and as usual I decline the offer because my purpose in life is do good things and not bad things. But then to essentially stand up for what I believe in and defend my own intellect from different types of collective group of people from different demographics of the general public.

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