Hiding Things In Plain Sight and Calling It Hidden When It Clearly Contradicts Itself To The Contrary

I got to say that whoever thought they could use the arduino boards in my house to some diy psychological warfare figured that naming the rogue access point “hidden network” was a good idea but clearly the person that did this wasn’t thinking that maybe somebody would discover this and would probably question it like me for example.

Voice To Skull Arduino Boards Use The Electromagnetic Spectrum and The Projection Of Electromagnetic Energies To Channel Biological Energies From Manmade Electrical and Telecommunications Sources

My Smart Home Security System Gets Hacked

Can’t Fix Stupid Or Smart

External Psychic Harassment From The Spiritual Energy Planes

External Psychic Harassment From The Spiritual Energy Planes (Part 2)

A Warning To Anyone About The Dangers Of Electromagnetism and How It Plays A Role In The Spiritual Possession Of The Human Body

Evidence Of Directed Energy Weapons Or Psychic Seeding Devices In My House

Getting These Arduino Seeder Boards Forensically Analyzed By A Private Company Because The Government Won’t Forensically Analyze Them

Looking For Those Arduino Seeder Boards It’s As Easy Getting A Thermal Imaging Camera

The Ejection and Projection Of Consciousness From The Electrical Grid Into Your House or Residence From Your Electrical System

WiFi Bio Connectivity

Then when you consider the obvious about how attackers like to use rogue access points as means to get themselves and there consciousness into someone’s residence that means that they will use a ddos or evil twin attack to do that therefore possessing the house with themselves and everything there bodies interconnect to biologically.


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