Legalization and Decriminalization Of Drugs Is Really Bad Idea and I Mean That It’s Not Doublethink or Doublespeak

This idea of legalizing and decriminalizing illegal street drugs might sound like great idea on paper but put into practice it would turn into a complete disaster on a social level where there would be more chaos everywhere riots, gang wars and terrorism. Because the intoxication and corruption of the brain would create a rancid mind that would become either unnatural sociopathic and psychopathic where people would be more inclined to do more physical harm to one another and seeing as illegal street drugs are responsible for creating what the world of psychology calls “mental illness” which to me is just spiritual imbalances in the human condition. But what I find interesting is that the same left that pushes for these ideas to be implemented are in the fields of psychiatry themselves because most people who work in the health care industry are in fact on the left just the rest of them who think this idea of legalization and decriminalization is progressive when in fact it’s highly regressive. But then the other thing to there ideas would benefit big pharma and the money making venture of selling prescription drugs like psychiatric medications which destroys a persons natural intellect, there spirituality and connections to god so I can see why the left might push for legalization and decriminalization of illegal street drugs. Because the upper echelons of left want to destroy people’s connections to god and they want to replace themselves as the god that people’s souls are all connected to because there isn’t such a thing as one group of people on earth connected to him where all connected to him regardless in some way or another people just don’t know how to connect to him because the left censors the knowledge of such things from the majority of people. I know this only because I was born not only just an old soul but a saint specifically St. James The Lord’s Brother where my soul is 510 trillion years old. But getting back to my point about why legalization and decriminalization is not a good idea the world’s food supply would shrink because if you think about it stoners who smoke weed get the munchies and seeing as the world’s food supply is shrinking rapidly due to changes in the environment and everything with it. Means that if there legalized and decriminalized drugs specifically marijuana makes people hungry and if enough of it is legalized or decriminalized everywhere then the grocery store shelves for example would be empty but I think that’s what the left wants is shortages of food everywhere so that people are forced to get from the government which would be soylent green which is made from people and other ingredients too that would be spiritually degrading. But that’s what the social engineers on the left want and everybody else doesn’t hence the reason why it’s bad idea but these idiots think that bad ideas are good ideas which I think are bad ideas because there such dumbfounded fucking dipshits in there own heads but think there absolutely geniuses but there thinking is contradicted because of the illegal drugs they do which makes them the dumbfounded fucking dipshits. that they are and even if you physically confront them on that stuff they get upset with you and start throwing punches because there emotions get triggered when people like me question them. The solution at this point is to physically eradicate illegal drugs outright and other intoxicants like alcohol plus also psychiatric medications because I consider them to be just as intoxicating as illegal street drugs. Then if people on this earth want to physical and spiritual evolve then my suggestion is holistics and naturopathy because that’s a much better alternative then anything else.

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