The Spirit Bodies Of People Are Being Pulled From There Physical Bodies By Unconscious Human Spirits Partitioned From There Own Human Bodies

The strangest thing I have run into is this phenomenon of spirit bodies that detach from the physical bodies of people who I assume are under monarch mind control where the handler of that individual or group of individuals is literally telling the brains of these individuals to dispatch themselves to my residence because they can pick up on the vibrations of body and voice where the things I say and think aren’t by there standards halal according to sharia law. Which means that where I am regionally which is western north america the populations of those who practice different variations of islam and islamism who are smoking legalized marijuana and consuming other types of intoxicants because where I am the marijuana and consumption of other types of intoxicants is turning the minds of these people into zombies where there spirit bodies become like there minds are possessed by the collective consciousness of other people who do the same drugs that might share the same biological attributes as those people and the information in there minds channel from one brain to the other. So my estimation is that there basically enforcing sharia law in there sleep and whatever is telling them to do these things to people like me are probably a combination of citizens and officials who are under mind control the citizens doing there own mind control and officials doing there own measure of mind control too. Given the fact that marijuana is legalized here means that the consciousness is changing collectively. But it’s doing something that is remarkable scary and frightening to there psychology where there slowly transforming into people that only fiction can shed light upon and it might only be the tip of the iceberg but if you recall the walking dead a television series that ran from 2012 to about 2016 where humanity on earth transformed from normal people into the walking dead well I figure that the drugs especially the legalized marijuana is doing just that and that nobody should be smoking that stuff even think it’s safe and in some cases I think that mixing it with other substances turns people’s minds zombie like which is violent, irrational and deranged. These spirit bodies partitioned from there own human bodies are convinced that I’m possessed because I don’t think like the rest of there connections to there whatever biological hierarchy there connected from body, mind and souls too whether there blood types be A, B, O and AB positive, A, B, O and AB negative. Then there racial and genetic identities where they be Arabs, Africans, Asians, Europeans, Aboriginals and Polynesians. With chromosomes ranging from 45 (XO), XXX, 44 (XX), 46 (XY), 47 (XXY), 48 (XXXY) and 49 (XXXXY). In my world stuff like that is very much illegal under universal and dimensional laws the spirit bodies of people are not yanked and pulled then also the souls of people aren’t under the same circumstances to people taken from people either something that has been going on in my region of world for the past couple of months. Pedophiles have been behind most of this business and there the ones trying to erase god and rewrite his existence because they want to hijack heaven which known as Shambhala an ultra verse in the 700th dimension not the 7th dimension like the religious world play it out to be.

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