The Duality Of Man Is Contradictory

Upon realizing something that exists in the consciousness of people that seems to drive a burning desire in people where there conscious mind is peaceful but then there unconscious mind is violent, deranged, demonic and possessed. If your like me I can hear the unconsciousness of individuals that have the opposite biological attributes that I do and this is through the backscatter effect where as the external vibrations that surround me carry the vocal vibrations of individuals and to that effect most people would call that god but it isn’t that just unconsciousness of humanity speaking to the consciousness of people like me over the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. But what it tells me that people are contradicted because of this paradox that exists in the biology, neurology and psychology of humanity which creates this constant revolving door of peace and war because some people on this earth are listening to unconscious rhetoric being castigated all over the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum which I identify as the earth’s spiritual planes essentially it carries with it the organic metadata of people ejected bio electric bodies which carries through the air and then is further channeled into the electrical and telecommunication grid which can be heard by people like me under the right circumstances. But the interesting thing is that the psychology professions call this sort of thing mental illness because the powers that be want to censor the reality behind this effect and they want nobody to solve the mystery behind this effect and how constructs and then deconstructs different social and religious constructs on earth because it’s reasonable to suggest that the illuminati as some people might call it to me the deep state wants to keep this stuff under wraps because it’s used as social and religious construct for control. However I think that if humanity was to balance out the brains by using things like holistics and naturopathy things that aren’t intoxicating like illegal street drugs or even prescription psychiatric medications which I never encourage anyone to take at all and that’s not double speak, double think or code it’s a pretty straight forward statement. Where as I know that the evolution of mankind including the evolution of brain has been devolved like illegal street drugs or even prescription psychiatric medications. Which creates the contradictory nature of people’s cognitive dissonance problems that can be heard via the backscatter effect carried through the electromagnetic spectrum that the earth creates by itself which is called the earth’s spiritual planes.

God Compliments Satan

Deradicalization Compliments Radicalization

Decriminalization Compliments Criminalization

Humanity Compliments Humility

War Compliments Peace


Satan Compliments God

Radicalization Compliments Deradicalization

Criminalization Compliments Decriminalization

Humility Compliments Humanity

Peace Compliments War

One thought on “The Duality Of Man Is Contradictory

  1. Kenneth T. November 4, 2020 / 18:23

    Even permant ink – is NOT permanent

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