Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Idea and No It’s Not Double Speak or Double Think For It’s A Good Idea When It’s Bad Idea Period To Blog About The Police, Intelligence or Military Communities

Reasons why it’s not a good idea to blog or vlog about the police, intelligence or military communities is that it tends to bring attention to person that thinks in there head that something is after them when say external voice outside there head tells them to do it. Where there delusional mindset from whatever lifestyle they live where there either doing illegal intoxicants etc means that those external voices being human voices from the minds of other people but that person would think that it’s god, saint, arch angel and angel speaking to them telling them it’s good idea when that’s a really bad idea. Because the people giving them those ideas are basically doing a number of things there trying to get the heat of the police, intelligence or military communities off there back onto to that person. The second possibility is that they want to creatively censor the individual where as they would give a vague idea about what police, intelligence or military communities do so that when they go to give the people reading that blog an idea of how these three social constructs operate then if there under a wiretap then what happens is the government would red flag the content of that persons blog or vlog. Then that would put them under a covert investigation where they would get gang stalked and driven to insanity where they then be forced to see a psychiatrist and prescribed medications where there minds are frozen for life because the illuminati likes to have people put there minds in the freezer and there spirituality, natural personality and intellect would be destroyed as a result because well because that’s what the external human voices would want because they see that blogger or vlogger as a threat to there social existence and they know how the system works so they realize the dichotomy of problem, reaction, solution plus the dichotomy of cause and effect. They realize that it helps them censor the individual and that they won’t get in the way of what the other individual external human voice is telling them because that person clearly suffers from malignant narcissism. Because there physical body aside from the human energy partition that projects there external voice to the other individual that is told to blog or vlog about the police, intelligence and military is that there probably under mind control by a government agency and that means that some part of there mind maybe the unconsciousness is projecting a fear or paranoia that they feel need to project because they need help finding out whether or not there under mind control by a government agency but they want somebody from the government to answer that call and not an ordinary citizen who might have a vague idea about that problem. Then the other possibility is the criminal classes see bloggers and vloggers as security threats to there criminal hiearchies and know that they use the system and the state to protect there interests at large to make themselves look as if there innocent ones and that’s how I figure that might be happening to that regard and that they would like to see the police, intelligence and military communities steer themselves towards people who aren’t even threats to themselves and that it’s useful for radicalizing individuals and that it’s seems to work to that end for the criminal classes and they know how constructive the internet is for there agenda. Because they are aware of the boomerang effect where if they throw metaphorical boomerang out there where they put ideas and observations out there for public to see and it comes back at them and hits them right where it hurts because they where paying attention to the thing coming back at them there attention was turned elsewhere.

So please folks don’t go with stupid and put yourself in a position to become a victim of your own gullible stupid because you asked for it when you thought that was a good idea when it wasn’t so don’t call yourself a victim of police, intelligence or military brutality when you didn’t use your critical thinking skills and better your judgement before some told it was a good idea when it wasn’t and you wasted time chasing your tail and amusing some psychopathic and or sociopath watching you through his foresight or some kind of electronic device you commonly use that this idiot hacked that told you over the ethers via the backscatter effect to blog or vlog about the police, intelligence or military communities.

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