Reasons Why I Steer Clear Of Illegal Intoxicants and To Some Degree Certain Types Of Prescription Drugs But Never Promote, Proliferation and Sell Them

The Brain Of Psychopath Has The Same Behavior Characteristics Of Person That Does Drugs Like Marijuana or Psychedelics

There are good reasons why I steer clear of using illegal street drugs and legalized marijuana because the chemical and biological effects the drugs engineer the conditions for the brain to become a dangerous construct where as it can become sociopathic and psychopathic. But explaining this stuff to people who like to attack the consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness of individuals. Who are perfectly normal brained who might have the qualities and traits of sociopaths or psychopaths from the very intoxicants they do but are unconsciously aware of the fact that they don’t have this problem and refuse to accept that fact because they have little to no self awareness and sure to some degree it might be a external outer problem where the environmental vibrations of other people who are sociopathic or psychopathic get absorbed into the persons body which can influence the brain. But then the thing to consider too is that it can be internal problem as well where as it affects the individual but it’s up to the person to come to the self conclusion that they have that problem and sure to the imaginations of other people who examine me see me as a sociopath or psychopath but then let’s take into consideration the part where human energy partitions or etheric energy signatures from the bodies of other people that enter mine and leave after awhile usually taking about half an hour to a day or so carry the physical traits of the physical bodies there attached might have sociopathic or psychopathic characteristics that then become apart of the body that I’m in and then other psychics and mystics read the energy from me and the human energy partitions or etheric energy signatures that have temporarily entered my body the assumption I’m that person and that when my body is clear of these human energy partitions and etheric body signatures then people begin to understand who I really am. But under normal circumstances the solution to these problems isn’t as pragmatic as mine because the mainstream of society resorts to using prescription psychiatric medications to destroy a persons self awareness, along with the intellect, spirituality, evolution, natural gifted abilities and wrecks the soul’s connection to a higher power means that the problem never gets solved and the level of ignorance about problems like this completely out of this world.

LSD Like Other Psychedelic Drugs Currently Out In Society Can Engineer A Persons Brain To Be That Of Psychopath Which Means That The Left Who Wants Legalized or Decriminalized Psychedelics Literally Wants To Create A Society Social Engineered Psychopathy To Enhance There Draconian Agenda Of A Complete Takeover Of The Consciousness

The thing I find about drugs like psychedelics is the users of those drugs become psychotic and if they suffer from a real mental illness then what it does is doesn’t cure it makes worse. Which is why I would prefer that these things not be legalized or decriminalized because it won’t do what it’s advocates think it’s going to do for the whole of humanity instead what it will really do is create more problems on a different level and sure it will enhance the creativity of the individuals who do it but what will do in the long run is it will destroy conscientiousness and that is a scary and frightening thing to face especially when most people who have done psychedelics drugs end creating more wars, blood shed, totalitarianism, oppression and repression abroad.

Marijuana I Figure Has Created A Race Of Hybrid Sociopaths Depending On The Regions Of The World Where The Drug Is Heavily Consumed

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