Spirit Stalkers Are Attracted To The Energies Of Websites That They Hate But Want There Adversaries To Connect To Them So They Can Use The Energies Against Them To Psychically and Mystically Attack Them

The observable thing that I have noticed is that most of the vocal vibrations of my adversaries who project to me externally from the hard surfaces that surround me like walls, ceilings and walls who give off human voices apparently like to suggest that I connect to websites that bring energies they use against me. So for example they have suggested that I connect to government websites that are in the business of policing, intelligence and the military because they obviously know that those websites connect to the human energies of those people who work for those agencies where that connection made between say for example my electronic devices and the server portal will bring in half or whole human energy partitions that channel there energies out of the WiFi router or say the cellphones then based on the principals of law of attraction those half or whole human energy partitions will then come to a person like me where they end up either embedding themselves in hard surfaces like walls, ceilings and floors then channeling there biological energies and vocal vibrations out the walls. Adding to the effect of creating an environment that makes it seem as if there suffering from schizophrenia or some kind of mental illness. Then the other effect that comes from connecting to websites like police, intelligence and the military is that floating etheric body signatures or half or whole human energy partitions that do the same as those embedded in hard surfaces like walls, ceilings and floors is the projection of biological energies and vocal vibrations at the person that can render the person to be violent or irrational when there normally not like that at all. The effect would get exponentially worse if the person was to do harsh intoxicants like psychoactives and psychedelics that would put the person in a state of mind that would by the perception of others be considered radicalized, mind controlled and or mental ill but the surroundings of that individuals environment determines the behaviour of themselves. Because outside forces or the external persistent vibrations from organic and artificial sources that eject negative or positive energies can effect the behaviour of the individual psychological depending on whether or not the biological attributes of the individual matches the external biological vibrations of everyone else.

So really and truly connecting to the internet make look harmless but it does come with hidden and unseen risks where people think it’s not going effect them but it does and that is where it gets dangerous and the internet in my opinion based on research and observation is used primarily for psychological warfare and mind control but it’s not just the government that uses it for that purpose it’s also other social hierarchies too and defending yourself against this problem as an individual can be difficult but there ways of doing that but it requires a lot scientific experimentation or the other thing that seems to work is not having the internet at all and going old school that works too.

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