Super Illuminal Communication With Colors, Symbols and Names Via The Earth’s Spiritual Planes Between Minds, Bodies and Souls

When people use certain color vibrations, symbolism and words to create an identity for either for themselves and for a collective group identity which is used for that particular collective hierarchy means that basically anytime somebody wears a certain color, adopts symbolism and names for the from that identity means that there mind, body and soul starts to network with the identity on either a conscious, subconscious and unconscious super illuminally via the earth’s spiritual planes which is the natural electromagnetic fields that acts like a WiFi radio broadcast field where organic things like the humanity, animals and flora networks with the biology of each living thing and those color vibrations, symbolism and words are interwoven to the natural order of things where we either consume that identity and then it becomes apart of our being and our very existence so when it comes brands and ideas we always make it apart of very lives which be of benefit to us, it can enslave us or destroy us but it all depends on how we use it. Another point to make is when people use the internet and social media to some extent the name, symbolism and colors that resonate on the sites basically channel information into minds of those created that name, symbolism and color vibration but then anyone else who uses that name, symbolism and colors vibrations via the internet, through a picture, or just by wearing the same color hue as that particular brand of social media on the internet where the consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness goes into the bodies, minds and souls of everyone on earth.

Red – Satan

Orange – Buddha

Yellow – Rah

Green – Diana The Moon Goddess

Blue – God

Purple – Lilith

White – Lucifer

Black – Abraxas

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