Spirit Stalking, Bullying, Peer Pressure, Brainwashing and Mind Control

When it comes to spiritual body possession I should note that I have experienced this many times in different places around my residence where I would experience my physical body taking in the etheric body of somebody else that doesn’t share my biological attributes who is basically partitioned from there original body which is created via a manifestation from there own brain trying to either solve a problem of some sorts or they are curious about a person that has information about something and keep that thought in mind and even remember the physical appearance of the person where they then project a partition of themselves which is an etheric body signature that travels via the earth’s spiritual planes or the earth electromagnetic fields. This etheric body signature is still attached to the physical body of that individual that travels to the persons house with other etheric body signatures tailing right behind that person who projected the etheric body signature from his or her own physical body that is either related to that person or has associations with that person. Who then shows at my place to basically get inside the body of person like me to either analyze what kind of dreams I have, to what I was doing last night and what I’m thinking in morning and what I plan on doing the rest of day. Then the worst part is these things like to channel there vocal vibrations and biological energies into my physical body from there etheric body signature either inside of my physical body where as they channel there thoughts which then comes out of my mouth. Then whatever is listening to me externally either other human energy partitions embedded in the walls, ceilings and floors that take what is said from the etheric body signature speaking through the mouth of someone else like me and then trying to either get me in some sort of trouble or trigger an event externally in one of these external human energy partition embedded in the walls, ceilings and floors that basically instructs them using some kind of code wording using my body and mouth then it triggers the vocal vibrations ejected from walls, ceilings and floors from the physical bodies of other people attached to the just like with etheric body signatures that enter the body of individuals like me in my own residence. Then sometimes I have noticed and even felt the heavy etheric body presence of some of these things where they sit right behind me either on my bed and they do the exact same things as those who enter my body and do the exact same things and some times I have done this to the point where I will get into physical argument with these etheric body signatures and the result is usually one of two things they will project there biological energies from there etheric body signatures into me which then translates into me whatever response I got from them it basically comes out of my mouth from them. Then the other thing that happens is that etheric body signature depending on the physical body it’s attached to where ever it is likes to occasional get aggressive with me but then it’s not the etheric body signature that does it instead uses my physical body and the biological energies that transmitted from the physical body to the etheric body signature then sometimes can in fact force me under the circumstances to either hit myself or some like an object nearby because of what I said to that persons etheric body signature that they didn’t like me saying to them which triggers an emotional response in there physical brains from wherever they maybe. But the other thing too is they can see me with there foresight depending on wherever they are and I get the impression that the extension of themselves. Which is there etheric body signature can perform certain functions like with there physical bodies but then I am not really sure how they can make a person hit themselves and strike in anger when they say or think something that they don’t agree with so my guess is at this point is these etheric body signatures which are partitioned from another person physical might be possessed themselves by another people or they might be doing drugs although you can’t really sure which ones there doing but it’s definitely a good indication that there behavior translates through into there etheric body signatures that float into my body and outside of my body. Even when I sit on my couch which is parked next to the wall I get etheric body signatures that come to visit me briefly and tell me thank you repeatedly or keep going and so on and so on forth which channels out of my mouth and not there etheric body signatures. But then this effect happens elsewhere in my residence and can be quite intense at times but I have enough of strong mind and will to tolerate the abuse because well it’s complicated and this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to stuff like this and I have experienced this same stuff in other previous incarnations because well I am old soul and the age of my soul is quite old in the area of 453 trillions years old so I have had plenty of experience in dealing with this stuff. When most people on this planet think that I can’t handle the abuse at all when I can because I have the experience to deal with this stuff. Sure I can’t tell to what extent the situations I have had in previous lives but like the rest of my kind we have had to deal with the idiocy, aggression, fuckery and dumbfounded dipshittery with people who aren’t critical thinkers, who don’t see patterns in things, can’t connect the dots, do there own research or think for themselves because. Well in all of the incarnations I’ve ever had I run into people who love to label me things that I am not and then I have to work out why on earth they would do such a thing in the first place. But I realize the complexities that exist with malignant narcissism in that people who suffer from it like to deflect a lot of the blame into individuals they don’t like or want to change by using a ritual abuse system they think isn’t ritual abuse system at all because they don’t see that way because they never experience it first hand and don’t see it as abusive because there broken people and never took it upon themselves to actually fix themselves because of some social diaspora that’s holding them back. But then again I think that some of these people like to do it for sport too and that anyone who does it for sport is essentially either a sociopath, psychopath or megalomaniac and they it’s recreational activity to them and that says to me that maybe there’s a good reason why mental illness exists in such greater numbers like it does on this earth is because of stuff like this and nobody in there right mind wants to question that stuff because there too fearful of what could happen if they might get arrested, murdered by the adversary picking on them as an individual like me who is a loner but wants to paint me as someone who associates with a particular adversary or group of adversaries who happen to be picking on me where I do the research behind them and then I get painted as that adversarial group to basically start the process of entrapment where as it involves the authorities. Because when it comes to social engineering this one of those key ingredients that’s required to break and make an individual into a social construct using everything at there disposal to do it. If I recall watching a YouTube video of Dr. Jordan Peterson giving a lecture about how Foucault viewed people with mental illnesses as social constructs means that the person behind these abuses against me clearly was student of postmodernism because I am going to assume that this individual was educated in the universities aside from being either a psychic or a mystic who does a plethora of drugs to enhance this individual’s psychic or mystic capabilities for the purposes of doing mind control on level beyond imagination where this individual has dozens of people under his mind control and he uses people as mind drones and there etheric body signatures to do ritual abuses on them to radicalize them and turn them against themselves.


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