Can’t Fix Stupid Or Smart

The logic of my adversaries in the neighborhood is perplexing quite literally it seems as if there psychological attacks on my individuality from the ethers and backscatter channels isn’t annoying in the least it’s educating to be hear the voices of these people telling me to take medications for a mental health condition invented by their sociopathic, psychotic and even megalomanic behaviors where there biological energies and vibrations is literally dumped on the physical body whereas biological, chemical and physical mix of their energies and vibrations can under the right circumstances can create the very same sociopath, psychotic and even megalomanic behaviors found in them which can transition into me and my defense against that are very holistic instead of relying on big pharma, the legalized marijuana and the illegal drug trade to ease the pain of being constantly bombarded with those energies and vibrations most medical professionals in the fields of psychiatric and psychology call this stuff mental illnesses when the problems originate from the bodies, minds and souls of people of color who are literally embedded in the islamic world either being sufis, islamists, islamist jihadist from the sub dominations of sunni or shiite islam either being median or meccan. But within that mix is white europeans who have the same or similar biology as those persons of color where they become a part of the psychic and mystic gang bang where they project there biological energies and vibrations into the room of anyone’s homes, residences, businesses or wherever electrical and telecommunications technologies mix that basic act as a vessel and construct to channel those energies and vibrations into those particular living constructs. But for the most part I don’t see myself being censored even if my external adversaries most of which are people of color the rest being white a small minority of them forcing me to go into censorship on a physical, spiritual, social, intellectual level and individual level where my very westernized existence is attacked on daily basis where I live by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Constitution of Canada and the Canadian Bill of Rights means that the locals see that as jewish, zionist, satanist, oppressive, rich and white supremacist but apparently things like sharia law are seen as uplifting, liberating, reasonable and rational even thought sharia law is enforced by islamic terrorists in this country from stealth jihadist groups like the muslim brotherhood and hizb ut tahrir then every type of islamic terrorist groups that are dedicated to the doctrine of armed jihad like the most notable being isis to groups like jamaat el islami out of places like pakistan. I don’t want to have anything to do with enforce or help with the enforcement of sharia law because it goes against my core westernized philosophies that I cling tightly too because I would rather live free on my terms and if that isn’t possible die taking from the american patriot movement who I borrow my inspiration from but even if I live by standards inside my head skeptics will always doubt what I say to them or vice versa because they don’t know me very well and take nobody and what they say seriously I have gotten quite used to that especially from the spirit bodies of ex security professionals that has retrained my mind to be a more careful about what I say to them even if there not in the security professionals because there still carrying there experiences that learned in the field from the decades of work they did with some kind of a government security agency where skepticism runs high and trust runs low which I now understand why there like that and I feel there pain because I am pretty sure they have to interrogate people they would be beaten with an inch of their life until they spoken the truth when requested by them that’s my impression of what kind of work they did. It’s a good guessimation but I’m not really sure so this is the reason why I guess at what they do and I never ask them an personal questions about there former careers because I don’t want to create any friction between them and me I put a boundary between them and me for good reason and I don’t want them to get in any trouble and myself included because they must have to sign non-disclosure agreements when they leave there professions because of the classified nature of what they used to do and that I understand how delicate such information and knowledge is because they would call it by their terminology top secret classified or top secret noforn. Because aside from a person like me who is for starters old souled like really old souled in the hundreds of trillions and then also being an alien in human body basically means that in there former professions they could have come across individuals like me and knew of the existence of people like us and our ancient expeditions on earth as we do our jobs for the higher power that we represent that is beyond the third dimension. But I wasn’t going to join forces with the real intelligence or military professions because well they would respect my holistic lifestyle choices and everything else along with it because I have been living by these standards since at least 2009 and that I never wanted to abandon because it resonates with me on a deeper level and most people that surround don’t quite get that and they live by slightly less holistic standards and I hear that from there vibrations on a daily basis and they don’t seem to understand how oppressive and enslaving that really is because in their heads because they don’t for the most part at least one point they used to be against the powers that be and there mind control programs to using it on there adversaries to silence them into submission so that it doesn’t interfere with their liberty and freedoms on a collective group level it’s quite interesting but it tells me how much the postmodernist movement has taken over the minds of these predominantly far left, left, islamic and islamist adversaries of mine who are dedicated to targeting there oppressors which they see as the police, intelligence and military even though there oppression of me works in sync with the objectives of most police, intelligence and military operations in the western hemisphere where they are basically used as cannon fodder but the leaders of the groups know what’s, what and the lower ranks of groups like anonymous or black lives matter where they act as pawns in social justice game of chess because I suspect that george soros and his open society foundations run these activist groups and they have connections to the bilderberg group, council on foreign relations and center for strategic and international studies which has further connections to the democrats and republicans other left and right wing political parties in the western world that all network via the internet and through other telecommunications mediums globally. This by my standards is the essentially called the illuminati or the deep state by my standards, however I still find myself using both terminologies and drawing a comparison between both being the same creatures but nobody seems to understand that and the confusion I create must lead to the constant heckling I receive from the ethers and the backscatter channels where my terminology doesn’t match their collective consensus so this why I get attacked like most people in real life do who say things and left for example attacks there point of view and they get a bunch of hate thrown at them in large doses it’s the same way with the ethers and backscatter channels and the vibrations most psychics, mystics and empaths hear on a regular basis from there social adversaries depending on the opposite biological attributes they don’t have in comparison to themselves individually. But the other interesting thing I have noticed with the floating human spirit bodies that are basically partitioned out of the person’s senses noticing that something is that rather off from them taking a whiff of the vibrations in a room or anywhere will because lead to the person that’s giving off the vibration that peeks there curiosity will come up from behind them and approach them either from the left or right side of them that have a slightly different consensus of the truth depending what kind of person they are. In the religious world something like this would be called good and evil by there standards but me it’s something that means something different to me and that these human spirit body partitions are just communicating there facts and truths to me that resonate with them. But the funny thing is that most of these younger souls that stick to walls and ceilings or float around as human spirit partitions want me medicated so that I don’t get harassed but the thing is that I used to the abuse and my previous incarnations I put with a lot of flak from everyone and this is nothing new to me and that it adds perspective to the things that I do and the left being pro censorship all every social level including physical, spiritual, mental, intellectual and even there internet censorship operations on most social media sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, tumbler and so on and so forth where if you compare them blackmail over the ethers and backscatter channel to the political action of social censorship on the internet then you can easily work out that it’s them doing that and that’s fairly obvious. These human spirit energy partitions either stuck to surfaces or floating around are basically one of three things white mail, grey mail or black mail depending on the requests or orders they give to people like me or others who are going through a similar situation like me somewhere on this planet. The bags of this stuff piles up on my front lawn and backyard that fill up a landfill in a week given the stuff that I do and that is how things work in my world. But the other interesting that I told the ethers and backscatter channel last night and early this morning was that for starters if these young souls want me to blog about the police, intelligence and military they need to understand that it will bring attention to me and they will target me and then these young souls will take advantage of the situation and using there projection of there biological energies and vibrations to attempt radicalization on there level with every type of electronic warfare attack known to mankind to create there own lone wolf radical because I have worked out that possibility and that I have a counter measure of my own in place to prevent it from getting out of control. But the other thing that I told these young souls to is that the reason why there so oppressed by the police, intelligence and military is that they are literally instigating those security professionals either good, bad or deep state where they do there own electronic warfare attacks, human spirit partitions attacks where they temporarily possess the bodies of these people triggering a psychological response in these people that leads to those people being oppressed by them later on because they don’t quite understand what the old metaphor of what comes around goes around or the boomerang effect where they throw the metaphorical boomerang at there target which is the police, intelligence and military professionals which can be good, bad or deep state and instead of hitting them in the head also metaphorically speaking then the thing comes right back at them and knocks them out there bring the example up of how these idiots oppress themselves without even realizing it because they don’t have a very balanced mind for starters and there unconsciousness is very radicalized because they have reason and rationality to guide them properly in life.    

Let’s take these observations into consideration and try a different approach on trying prevent these people from creating a world order full of this revolving door chaos that does nothing to advance or progress society to a futuristic one instead these people want to bring it down to a mud hut and shanty town society because there goal is deconstructionism they seem to take there ideas from the works of the 1960’s postmodernist intellects like Jacque Derrida and Michal Foucult who would think along this lines.

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