The Deep State Collusion Between NATO and The Anti War Movement

The strange thing about the anti war movement in the west is that they basically stand up to wars conducted by nato forces who deployed different region of conflict primarily in western and central asia but then also places like africa and southeast asia. But the for the most part the anti war movement not protests against the wars they provide some level of support to those they think are oppressed by wars thinking that it might provide them comfort, emotional, political, social and even financial support. But this basically means that what the anti war movement is really doing is helping the enemy build up a defense against nato and it helps there offensive strategy against nato forces. However the people who do stuff like that are basically deep staters who work for non governmental organizations like open society foundation a george soros front that basically gives money to activist organizations that do his kind “good” because if he slip his own into the anti war movement to provide support to the enemy and play street theater games with the anti war movement. Then his investments in stock market particularly where he puts his money into defense corporations that feed into the military industrial complex that is basically nato along with everything else. Means that he scores big during war time and at the same time the prick fuck is having secretive meetings with top level generals and admirals when he is invited to bilderberg meetings along with other deep staters like hiliary clinton, bill clinton, barack obama, george w bush, john brennan, james comey, abrahim cooper, john podesta, james clapper, justin trudeau, stephen harper, mitt romney, chuck schumer and nancy pelsoi. Who sit through these meetings going from one room to the next collaborating with one group after another while I am going to assume that whatever is going on in there heads as they communicate with there social hierarchies beyond the meetings trying to social engineer a means to gain more power and influence by playing the system against itself just like hordes of left and right like to do whenever they figure it’s possible to do such a thing. This kind of power playing helps the military industrial complex, wall street plus a multitude of other powerful hierarchies grow exponentially. Plus this warmongering helps not only the western deep state elite expand themselves it also helps the globalists and last but not least the islamic world where they themselves are also attendees of these bilderberg meetings. Where they too make deals with the rest of the membership and it helps them with global domination agenda to which the bilderberg elite like so much because they have allowed the flood gates to open where they have let in hordes of immigrants and migrants from the islamic world who are “oppressed” by nato forces in times of conflict with whatever militaries might show up at there door step. But then the thing too remember is that some of these anti war activists who are friends with the enemies of nato who provide support to them which helps become stronger who are backed by deep state interests with political parities on the left, far left and right who back the islamic world to the fullest extent. But then have the backing from the bilderbergs and other globalist interests basically from my point of view means that there really is no genuine anti war movement on earth because people can be greedy and powerless especially when there thoughts conflict in there heads or if they subscribe to ideologies like marxism, feminism, postmodernism, communism, socialism and liberalism. Because they gravitate towards those bases of thought especially when it comes to feminism they like to defend the rights of muslim men who by there standards are seen as “oppressed” by white men but there really not 90 percent of the time. But they like to team up over the earth’s spiritual planes using there psychic and mystic abilities to basically oppress white men who they don’t agree with which then creates more war by proxy either domestically and internationally.

It’s basically 1984 on earth

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