Spiritual Energy Partitions That Do Psychic or Mystic Surveillance On The Citizenry Using The Earth and Manmade Energy Planes

Let’s be frank about something but I have had experiences with spiritual energy partitions coming from all walks of life ranging from human to animals and I will tell you that most of these things are for most part external and some of them can enter my body on the condition that they have similar biological attributes that I do. But the rest of the don’t and clearly they would only pass right through me or they would temporarily enter my body and then leave. But the other thing I hadn’t considered before is that the spiritual energy partitions come directly from a living human body that distributes energy partitions basically every couple of minutes if they for example sense something from a distance with there third eye and there foresight the estimation that I have is that there body automatically distributes a spiritual energy partition that basically connects to there primary though processes in there brains that investigates whatever they thought was either a little strange or off message. Most people wouldn’t notice that if they weren’t aware of it but I have done enough internet research and some personal observation of others out in public that seem to notice these things. For some odd reason I really don’t notice it myself however I am intrigued that such a thing would even exist in the first place. But then another thing that comes to mind is the voices that most schizophrenics hear that aren’t necessarily in there heads but are picked up by there third eye’s. Because the spiritual energy partitions are distributing not only there biological energies but the sounds there minds make whenever there thinking about something or talking to someone. Which are broadcasted from there physical bodies that are connected via an electromagnetic link either organic or artificial and maybe a little bit of both from themselves to there spiritual energy partitions wherever they maybe on earth. It’s almost comparable to a WiFi router (physical body) connected to a WiFi repeater, smartphone or computer (spiritual energy partitions). But then the other thing to keep in mind is if there under surveillance by a legitimate or illegitimate source then chances are there physical body which connects to there spiritual energy partitions means that whoever is doing the surveillance on them one or the other the energy from that channels into there physical body and then distributes to whatever spiritual body partitions they have in whatever locations they maybe means that you’ll not only hear there thoughts and conversations but basically whatever external spiritual energy partitions are channeling into them that can be heard by anyone on the condition that there third eye is open or if there able to hear it through an electronic assisted device.

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