Getting These Arduino Seeder Boards Forensically Analyzed By A Private Company Because The Government Won’t Forensically Analyze Them

To take measures into your own hands if your one of the unlucky ones that has these Arduino seeder boards in your house like I do because my adversaries put them in here to basically mess with my psychology, neurology and biology for the purposes of social re engineering of the individual for whatever political, social and religious agenda these adversaries have for whatever individuals are targeted by them. Basically my suggestion is if you have removed these things from the walls and ceilings of your residence whether it be a house, apartment, townhouse, condo or duplex. Take it to a private computer forensics firm to have them digitally analyzed so that you can determine where they come from and who made them so that you can take it into your own in your hands to have those people sued in a civil criminal court. Because I know the government will not do any forensic analysis on any of these things and on all of the equipment that connects to them because there fearful of what kind retaliation could come from them doing an investigation like that.

IDiscovery Solutions

Cyber Forensics

Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

Capsicum Group

Night Lion Security

Binary Intelligence

Eide Bailly

Guardian Forensics

TCS Forensics Limited

Computer Forensics

Forensic Pursuit

Swailes Computer Forensics

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