Looking For Those Arduino Seeder Boards It’s As Easy Getting A Thermal Imaging Camera


The way to get rid of these things is first you need to grab this app off google play if you have an Android phone it’s called the Arduino Bluetooth Controller to verify the existence of these things which is supposed to connect to the boards using Bluetooth. However the many attempts that I tried to connect to these things it just said pairing with null and after that it wouldn’t do anything. But once you have verified the existence of these seeder boards you can then take a thermal imaging camera if you have one if not I would suggest looking over the internet to find a relatively inexpensive one from EBay or Amazon. Then the next step is to get your drywall knife cut a hole in the wall and disconnect it from the electrical wiring carefully using a pair of pliers with some PPE on your hands to prevent any potential electrocution from channeling into your body. Then from there you can make repairs to your electrical system as required but as a word of warning I would suggest locking out the electrical that goes into whatever room your extracting these Arduino seeder boards because safety is always an important thing when doing anything like this.

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