A Warning To Anyone About The Dangers Of Electromagnetism and How It Plays A Role In The Spiritual Possession Of The Human Body

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Deep State Tyranny Is Here and There In Small Pockets

But then I suspect that some employees in the Canadian federal government are something like this prick fuck just as they are with provincial employees government and to a latter extent municipal employees are pretty much the same way too because there unions give them a free pass to be complete tyrannical shit fucks on the job and there supervisors just look the other way.

Because the PSAC like the AFGE and then the rest of these public sector unions are fucking with the system while being employed for them and if I was running the show in this country most of people would find themselves without work and they would have to have there attitudes severally adjusted.

Public Sector Unions That I Despise

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Gangstalking Is A Psychic Surveillance Operation Carried Out By Various Political, Social and Religious Forces In The Neighborhoods Of Common People

Your Typical Gangstalker Vehicle That Uses Steel Rims To Identify Themselves To Other Fellow Gangstalkers Who Use The Etheric Energy Fields Which is Electromagnetic To Network and Communication With Each Other’s Minds Using Natural or Synthetic Telepathy In Any Type Of Neighborhood Either Really Poor, Middle Class or Really Rich.

From what I have been able to discern about these community psychic patrols where the people behind these things called gangstalking, gaslighting and organized mobbing, Is that there a community organized operation that is universal meaning the government uses this strategy for there humint, clandestine humint and domint operations. Where the psychics they control are under monarch mind control while doing a combination of prescription psychiatric medications and psychedelic drugs which links there bodies and minds up with psychics in the police, intelligence and the military over not only the etheric electromagnetic energy fields that is created by the earth that links up the mind with other human minds like smartphones linked together by each other by artificial electromagnetic energy fields. But then on the flip side the enemy of western governments including the police, intelligence community and the military like to borrow the same ideas from the police, intelligence community and the military working it against itself to either put some distance between themselves and the system that seeks to undermine them because there the enemy nonetheless. They have there own gangstalking patrols where they use the steel rims to identify each other as they patrol the neighborhood like there rivals do under the same circumstances for the same reason the government does it too. But the rivalry is mainly political, social and religious sure as for the enemies of government who do there own gangstalking patrols to counter the government’s gangstalking operations there is the organized crime factor and terrorism that sugar coats the other side of the problem. The political parties of the right, left and far left protects the interests of these enemy gangstalkers based on a two sided analysis. Even in Canada the liberal party has said that they want to target organization crime but I think that’s just double speak for they want to protect organized crime syndicates and target the people that are there identified by them as there adversaries. It works on the same basis with the same liberal party that says they want to target terrorist groups in Canada but then protect there interests by targeting there adversaries by using double speak language.

This article written by John Schlinder a former NSA counterterrorism analyst who stated it himself that political parties on the left like the Canadian liberal party and the new democrat party. Just like there American political counterpart the democrat party do what they can to radicals both known and unknown away from cops and spies. Where the psychics of those political parties over the etheric energy fields heckle hearsay at the minds of people all day who have nothing to do with the threat of organized crime and terrorism calling them the threats to national security when all that does is protects radicals known and unknown from the cops and spy community who are relying on those psychics for protection from them.


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Evidence Of Directed Energy Weapons Or Psychic Seeding Devices In My House

I purchased a FLIR one thermal imaging camera to expose the existence of these directed energy weapons which do three things it channels in the half human bio electric partitions of other people which spiritually possesses the bodies of other people which I suspect are used in mind control operations conducted by governments and the enemy. Then the other thing it also weakens the human body and renders the bio electric body of the individual which makes it easier for bio electric bodies of other people to enter there physical body to vamp energy from them or to spiritual posses them to control them or force them to think a certain way. Then it can also kill them slowly because the weapons give off a certain type of radiation which manifests cancer in a individual who is targeted by them.

Most of these directed energy weapons are psychically and mystically operated which only requires a thought to activate them and then in some cases there operated by computer or control panel somewhere by anyone from the way I understand it.







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My Ancient Genetic Heritage

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Getting These Arduino Seeder Boards Forensically Analyzed By A Private Company Because The Government Won’t Forensically Analyze Them

To take measures into your own hands if your one of the unlucky ones that has these Arduino seeder boards in your house like I do because my adversaries put them in here to basically mess with my psychology, neurology and biology for the purposes of social re engineering of the individual for whatever political, social and religious agenda these adversaries have for whatever individuals are targeted by them. Basically my suggestion is if you have removed these things from the walls and ceilings of your residence whether it be a house, apartment, townhouse, condo or duplex. Take it to a private computer forensics firm to have them digitally analyzed so that you can determine where they come from and who made them so that you can take it into your own in your hands to have those people sued in a civil criminal court. Because I know the government will not do any forensic analysis on any of these things and on all of the equipment that connects to them because there fearful of what kind retaliation could come from them doing an investigation like that.

IDiscovery Solutions

Cyber Forensics

Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

Capsicum Group

Night Lion Security

Binary Intelligence

Eide Bailly

Guardian Forensics

TCS Forensics Limited

Computer Forensics

Forensic Pursuit

Swailes Computer Forensics

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Interlinked Consciousness Is Biological, Neurological and Psychological

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Looking For Those Arduino Seeder Boards It’s As Easy Getting A Thermal Imaging Camera


The way to get rid of these things is first you need to grab this app off google play if you have an Android phone it’s called the Arduino Bluetooth Controller to verify the existence of these things which is supposed to connect to the boards using Bluetooth. However the many attempts that I tried to connect to these things it just said pairing with null and after that it wouldn’t do anything. But once you have verified the existence of these seeder boards you can then take a thermal imaging camera if you have one if not I would suggest looking over the internet to find a relatively inexpensive one from EBay or Amazon. Then the next step is to get your drywall knife cut a hole in the wall and disconnect it from the electrical wiring carefully using a pair of pliers with some PPE on your hands to prevent any potential electrocution from channeling into your body. Then from there you can make repairs to your electrical system as required but as a word of warning I would suggest locking out the electrical that goes into whatever room your extracting these Arduino seeder boards because safety is always an important thing when doing anything like this.

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The Ejection and Projection Of Consciousness From The Electrical Grid Into Your House or Residence From Your Electrical System

Aside from the fact that a lot of the consciousness that seeps into the homes, businesses or any other dwelling used by anyone. You have to understand one thing human consciousness is electrified and can channel out the body into electrical grid which connects to everyone homes, businesses or any other dwelling used by people of all types. But if your psychic then your third eye can pick up on the ejected and projected consciousness of people who are of the opposite biology to you depending on the three constants blood type, genetics and chromosomes. This same principle works just like with the telecommunications grid where human consciousness also ejects and projects out of the WiFi routers of anyone that has coaxial cable internet through companies like Shaw or Comcast. Essentially seeding the whole house with the consciousness of other people from different biological backgrounds into homes, businesses or any other dwelling used by people of all types from all over the world. Then the seeders or directed energy weapons used by government and the enemy’s homemade seeders or directed energy weapons made from Arduino boards that effectively do the same thing as electrical outlet’s connected to electrical grid and WiFi router connected to the telecommunications grid it seeds the rooms of people’s homes, businesses and dwellings. So there is no way to escape being psychologically and neurological messed with or psychologically and neurologically reprogrammed by anyone that is good or bad.

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External Psychic Harassment From The Ethers and Signals


As I have tried to explain to many individuals many times before when I am just about anywhere in public or at home the external voices of the Arabs, Africans and Asians who are of the opposite biology as me who are A and AB positive blood with genetics and DNA/RNA that are Arab, African and Asian that have chromosomes 44 (XX) and 46 (XY). Means that I hear there project voices externally even though it might sound like it’s internal but this is because my blood type is A negative with a XGA negative blood factor making my mind and body non interfering with them and me but this goes for anybody that has Klinefelter’s syndrome anywhere on the planet. This also goes for anyone that has Turner syndrome the same thing applies to them too with us who have Klinefelter’s syndrome where they also have non interfering bodies too. The chart above shows exactly what the bio electric bodies of the Arabs, Africans and Asians who are of the opposite biology as me who are A and AB positive blood with genetics and DNA/RNA that are Arab, African and Asian that have chromosomes 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) project there bio electric energies on top of my head from directed energy devices made by the government or directed energy devices that are made from Arduino boards made by computer hackers and computer hobbyists with a dark agenda with RF transmitters and other networking components soldered to the boards that placed in the homes of people like me that’s used for both psychological harassment, conditioning and torture.

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O Negatives Are The Illuminati

Aside from the fact that people with O negative blood are universal blood donors means that under the right circumstances if there chakras are aligned all seven of them and then they do lots of psychedelic drugs like LSD, MDMA, Magic Mushrooms and Peyote. Where the third eye or pineal gland opens up to the electromagnetic spectrum both natural and artificial. Means that they also become universal mind controllers too where they can direct the thoughts of any person over the electromagnetic spectrum with O negative blood internally or A positive, B positive, O positive, A negative, B negative and AB negative.


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